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Vendavo® Launches Sales Optimizer for B2B Sellers

Vendavo< Vendavo October 21, 2021

Vendavo Sales Optimizer Harnesses AI to Recommend the Products Each Customer is Most Likely to Buy

“Our customers’ sales teams sell an increasingly large number of product categories across a large customer portfolio. Even the best salesperson can’t possibly know which products that every other similar customer buys across the country, region, or globe,” said Bruno Slosse, CEO, Vendavo.  “With our new Vendavo Sales Optimizer, we are making it simple for B2B companies to provide their sales teams with high-probability recommendations to accelerate sales growth.”

The Vendavo Sales Optimizer solution was developed in collaboration with Vendavo enterprise customers as part of Vendavo’s Lighthouse Customer Program. Early analyses indicate customers can see a 5% to 15% lift in sales by equipping sales teams with the right products customers are most likely to buy.

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