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Growth + Profitability Takes a Global Stage at Vendavo Fall GPS

Vendavo< Vendavo November 4, 2021

Attendees from 19 countries, consisting of pricing optimization and sales professionals ranging from analysts to C-suite executives within a dozen industries, are part of Vendavo’s Fall Growth + Profitability Summit.  

This event covers a lot of very interesting and relevant ground. In addition to hearing from Vendavo experts, audiences get to benefit from insights from leading speakers from segment-influencing global companies.

What are just a few of the trending topics discussed in our keynotes, breakouts, and special sessions over the two-day virtual event? 

  • Coping with supply chain challenges: At a moment of great confusion and concern about supply chain issues, it’s good to have a clearer understanding about exactly what’s happening, and what company leadership and pricing and sales teams can do to weather the situation. 
  • Evolving channel maps: With economic factors in play that we haven’t seen in recent memory, including a global pandemic and a surge in inflation, what do we need to give closer consideration to in this new and volatile commercial landscape? 
  • Making the right Commercial Excellence choices: It’s a complex challenge, since no two companies are – or should be – approaching their ComEx journey in the same way. So by watching the Summit, you’ll be able to hear from multiple sources and experts about taking the most effective steps forward toward optimizing pricing, margins, profitability, and sustainable long-term success. 
  • Sharing ComEx experiences: Multi-billion-dollar companies share their experiences and expertise regarding different parts of the commercial excellence journey, from creating a plan to implementing objectives to analysis and management. 
  • “Closing the loop” on value creation: What does it mean to make your internal teams work more efficiently and effectively toward shared business goals?  What tools and best practices should you deploy, and what will be the results of that effort?   

Join a Global Gathering of Pricing Optimization Professionals 

The topics above are just the tip of the iceberg, as attendees will get to interact with Vendavo product teams, get answers to their most urgent price optimization and sales optimization questions, learn about the rollout of new products, enhancements to existing products, and have the change to share feedback that will be incorporated into future innovations. 

Plus, Day 1 of the Summit is free and open to the public.  It’s an unrivaled opportunity to gain insight from price optimization experts and pundits and exposure to a worldwide community of fellow professionals that includes pricing and sales leaders at many Fortune 1000 companies.   

It’s all about the Vendavo community, like everything else we do.  So please take advantage of what’s a truly unique and insight-rich opportunity to capture and share the expertise of the “best of the best” in pricing optimization and Commercial Excellence.  Check out everything at Vendavo Fall GPS. 

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