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Fireside Chat with Maarten Moreels | Growth + Profitability Summit 2023

November 20, 2023

In this Fireside Chat from Vendavo’s Growth + Profitability Summit 2023 in Stockholm, Matthew Kenneally, Vice President of Global Alliances and Partnerships at Vendavo, talks with Maarten Moreels, Partner of Commercial Strategy & Pricing at Monitor Deloitte, about the importance of commercial excellence strategy and efficient processes, plus how Vendavo and Monitor Deloitte work together.

Matthew Kenneally: Hello, my name is Matthew Kenneally. I’m the Vice President of Global Partnerships here at Vendavo. And with me, I have Maarten Moreels from Monitor Deloitte. We’re here in the beautiful city of Stockholm for the Vendavo Growth + Profitability Summit. Martin, thank you so much for joining us. 

Maarten Moreels: Yeah, thanks for having us, Matthew.

Kenneally: So, talk a little bit about Monitor Deloitte. What is the organization? 

Moreels: Good. So, Monitor Deloitte is the strategy practice part of the larger Deloitte organization. We focus on our strategies type of services, which include commercial strategy or commercial excellence services, and a large part of what we on a day-to-day basis do is actually pricing work. And that’s where we come in today. 

Kenneally: Of course, it’s fantastic. And how is it that monitor Deloitte works with Vendavo and brings value to our clients? 

Moreels: Yeah, as I mentioned in the introduction, so we do focus on pricing strategy and pricing strategy work, which means we do come in first typically to ensure that the pricing organization or the company you’re partnering with has the right pricing strategy and vision forward. We make sure that they have efficient processes and that you guys can showcase the great value the solution brings afterwards.

Kenneally: Oh, that’s fantastic. Well, we certainly appreciate the partnership and we hope to have many more opportunities that we can work on together. And thank you so much for sponsoring the growth and profitability. 

Moreels: Likewise, looking forward for many more deals together.