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How Chemicals Companies Drive Value with Intelligent CPQ

David Anderson< David Anderson August 21, 2018

Customer expectations in B2B are rapidly changing mostly based on buyers’ personal experience with convenient and rapid online shopping and e-Commerce transactions and delivery. Chemicals businesses that respond to these changing customer expectations can realize significant, strategic advantage over their competitors. Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) solutions can substantially improve the customer buying experience for Chemicals companies by allowing sales to quickly respond to customer needs with digital quote processes.

Top 3 CPQ Benefits for Chemicals Companies

  1. Mobile / web-powered quoting capability. CPQ provides an efficient digital process for product selection, pricing and policy enforcement, and quote document creation by sales.
  2. Guided selling. Sales can rapidly configure proposed products appropriate to customer needs, and eliminate errors and incompatible product combinations with the support of a guided selling platform.
  3. Sales intelligence. Deals are supported with customer context and specific price recommendations which enables sales to price appropriately to win deals, and capture the most revenue while selling.

Providing a quick response to business buyers leaves customers with a positive impression of your capabilities as an organization. Likewise, it is proven that vendors that provide a thorough and quick response to business buyers have a substantially higher opportunity to win the business than those that deliver a response in days or weeks.

Vendavo Intelligent CPQ helps sales organizations quickly and affordably deploy a digital process for quoting customers. Beyond delivering quoting solutions that drive process efficiency and rapid customer response, Vendavo Intelligent CPQ has a unique focus on supporting sales with intelligence and target price recommendations that improve decision effectiveness and your profitability. Guided selling and configuration capabilities in CPQ have unique value for chemicals companies. It helps sales either narrowly proposed products appropriate to customer needs rapidly and can reduce errors by preventing the quoting of incompatible products.

Chemicals businesses can set themselves apart from their competition with capabilities that enable mobile selling with their sales organization and rapid quote generation in a digital process with appropriate business and policy controls, all while providing sales with key intelligence that enables them to make the best decisions.

These capabilities improve sales productivity and win rates (by minimizing administrative work, and with rapid response to customers), empowers organizations with performance transparency (enforcing policies, reporting on sales metrics), and supports sales with the best information and intelligence at the point of decision to maximize revenue (with higher win rate, and optimal pricing to maximize revenue).

To learn about what to look for in a CPQ solution provider and capabilities to consider, download the free guide, Top 5 Capabilities of Modern CPQ Solutions.