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We’re All in This Together: Free Consultations with Vendavo Business Consulting Teams

Ben Blaney< Ben Blaney April 2, 2020

While critically important for everyone’s health and safety right now, working from home is creating a certain level of anxiety within most organizations. It’s likely forcing a slow-down in your business processes and deal negotiating. B2B pricing just got more difficult to manage with manual, spreadsheet-driven decision making and disparate data sources – probably with even more email activity and collaboration tools to track. Your teams, from sales to pricing to finance, can’t get the information they need to make smart, timely decisions and you’re losing deals as a result.

Vendavo business consultants have long worked with enterprises of all sizes on the nuances of commercial excellence strategy. This includes the complexities of pricing, especially during economic downturns. If you’re challenged with manual pricing processes, over-the-top discounting to get deals done and/or leaders whose quick response to the challenges facing our world today is to drastically drop prices across the board, we feel your pain.

The good news is there are collaborations you can be working on in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic that will benefit your organization (and your customers) in the long term.

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To help you navigate this, we’re offering free business consultations for organizations that are seeking accelerated recovery through these difficult times. We’re all in this together and however we can help you smooth out and ramp up, we’re excited to help.

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