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Practical Guide to PVM Analysis

Unbox the drivers of margin changes and stabilize profits by creating a price/volume/mix model for your business.

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Revenue bridge, variance analysis, price-volume-mix analysis: whatever you call it, is a powerful capability. It is a high-level overview comparing and isolating changes in revenue or margin into key components. What drives success or failure? The main purpose of PVM analysis is to provide a view into the past, and to break down the change in revenue or margin into key components and categories. The categories are used to highlight and help explain which factors are impacting the overall change in revenue or margin.

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  • How to set pricing objectives
  • Three critical points in scenario building
  • A real world example
  • Resulting actions

Reliable, Repeatable, Rapid PVM Analysis

This Practical Guide to PVM Analysis will bring you one step closer to the solution. Set price objectives, start scenario building, and get ready to unlock a higher level of understanding around what’s impacting your margin and revenue.

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