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Vendavo Pricepoint Bolstered with New Dynamic Pricing Capabilities

Vendavo< Vendavo October 28, 2020

As B2B organizations work to elevate digital commerce scenarios for enhanced customer experiences and improved bottom-line profitability, Vendavo, the market leader in commercial excellence solutions, today announced new capabilities for their flagship dynamic pricing solution, Vendavo Pricepoint.

The solution expansion is of particular importance to process manufacturers and distribution organizations who rely on relevant, timely data to dynamically adjust price in near real time in today’s volatile business climate.

“The new enhancements make Vendavo Pricepoint the ideal solution for enabling the shift to digital commerce where more complex relationships must be supported across all sales channels,” said Alex Hoff, VP Product Management and Marketing, Vendavo. “Process manufacturers and distributors of all kinds will find them particularly valuable as they work to navigate our changing economy.”

Enhancements to Vendavo Pricepoint include support for formula-based pricing for process industry manufacturers supporting agreements between buyer and seller, in advance, on the price to be paid for a product that will be delivered in the future. PricePoint users can now manage externally indexed information such as third-party commodity or market reference information and organize corresponding price formulas. This capability ensures quick execution and routes any needed approvals in a timely manner so that prices are correctly calculated according to the specific agreements.

Distributors will find the dynamic pricing and multi-target list pricing enhancements significant. Vendavo Pricepoint users can now manage price lists in parallel of each other, even with different price rules, and tier pricing can be configured so that the same scenario priority can be used but with different input parameters, per tier. Rule-based dynamic pricing is now enabled for all the multi-target price lists.

Vendavo Pricepoint is a complete, cloud-based solution that enables B2B organizations to operationalize their ideal pricing strategies across their lines of business, regions, and channels. Vendavo Pricepoint supports all major pricing strategies such as value-based and competitive-based, to ensure pricing is always up-to-date and based on ever-changing market conditions

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