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New Vendavo® Deal Price Optimizer Enables AI-Powered Price Optimization for Every Deal

Vendavo< Vendavo November 25, 2020

To help B2B manufacturers and distributors provide the right price for every quoting opportunity, Vendavo, the market leader in commercial excellence, today announced the new AI-powered, cloud-native price optimization solution, Vendavo® Deal Price Optimizer (DPO).

Deal Price Optimizer is an AI-powered price optimization solution, which provides optimized price guidance to sales teams and quoting solutions for every quote and deal. By leveraging Vendavo’s patented and proven Pricing Power and Risk algorithm, this cloud-based solution recommends the optimal pricing guidance that maximizes margin while minimizing the risk of losing customers during sales negotiations. 

“Vendavo has been a pioneer in price optimization since it’s early days.” said Alex Hoff, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Vendavo  “We have seen many times how black-box analytics and unsupervised AI algorithms are not ideal for large, complex B2B enterprises. What manufacturers and distributors really need, is glass-box or explainable AI; optimization that’s accessible and comprehensible to business users and easily supervised by business users without PhDs.”

DPO offers the ideal blend of both AI-driven analytics and expert human insight. It leverages the power and scale of cloud computing to quickly generate as many price optimization scenarios as needed to determine the best price.

Easy to use with an intuitive clicks-not-code user interface, DPO can be configured quickly and easily to gain additional, next-level value from Vendavo Deal Price Optimizer.

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