Recession Background


Expert Tips for Recession Proofing Your Business

Price evangelists, business consultants, sustainability advisors, and other experts share tips for preparing your business for any economic state. 

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Act Quickly

The best way to prepare for a recession is to enable your organization to respond quickly whether the opportunity is shrinking or growing. A baseline focus on pricing agility will allow you to respond in real time, which is really the only 100% effective tool available to prepare for and weather change, be it good or bad.
David Anderson Discussing Customer Profitability Analysis on Vendavo
David Anderson
VP Business Consulting

Be Honest & Transparent

Be honest and transparent with your customers! They are smart and already realize their values are changing during the recession. Be your customers’ partner. Understand their value changes and work with them to find the non-negotiables.
Yekta Headshot
Yekta Yeganah
EMEA Managing Consultant

Go Back to the Basics

A recession is a good time to come back to the fundamentals and to focus on profitable growth. Reinforce the core, innovate, and make the investments you never had time to make. Prepare the next ten years of growth. Remember that the best defense is an offense.
stephan liozu
Stephan Liozu, PH.D
Pricing Evangelist and Thought Leader