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CPQ for Distribution 

Modern distribution companies need pricing intelligence software to see the results they want and need. Vendavo’s Intelligent CPQ for distribution is the answer.

CPQ for Solving Distribution Challenges

Vendavo is your go-to source for top-of-the-line, market-leading pricing and selling intelligence solutions. An Intelligent CPQ solution helps you increase win rates with a more scalable, intelligent, and agile enterprise CPQ solution for guided selling, managing complex configurations, and generate dynamic proposals. Vendavo has your distribution team covered.

Ensure pricing initiatives are being adhered to

Simplify, visualize, and automate pricing waterfalls and pricing agreements to get the right price to sales faster and more efficiently.

Give your sales team a boost

Your sales reps can quote faster, win more, and gain more confidence in quoted prices, and your sales leadership gains an accurate view of pipeline growth.

Establish efficient approval workflows

Create simple rules within our CPQ software to trigger approval emails and other alerts on quotes that require special review.

Understand the profitability of quotes and pricing agreements

Embed pricing waterfalls to provide insights into how discounts, price agreements, markups, and other factors into final net price, pocket margins, and quotes.

Generate attractive branded proposals

Templates unify marketing assets, product information, and legal agreements with the quote to easily generate fast and accurate business proposals.

Manage complex configurations

Our powerful rules engine and visual configuration help sales teams quickly and accurately create and modify multiple configurations.

Achieve greater revenue growth

Increase both sales productivity and win rates while also delivering an improved customer experience. 

Improve operational efficiency

Reduce quote iterations and customer churn rates, plus increase win rates and enterprise profitability.

Configure large and complex product sets with greater accuracy

Create a standardized workflow for your sales team to follow as they move through the steps to configure a product.


Vendavo’s Distribution CPQ Solutions

We’re in business to help your distribution team create the results your organization needs. Vendavo has many key pricing and selling intelligence solutions, including:

Vendavo Intelligent CPQ
Configure, Price, Quote

Increase sales productivity and win rates while delivering an improved customer experience

Vendavo Deal Price Optimizer
Win More Deals

Realize greater profitability, gain a competitive edge, and win more deals. – Learn More

Vendavo Pricepoint
Manage Global Prices

Execute straightforward, scalable price management across your distribution organization.Learn More 


Vendavo Sales Optimizer
AI-driven Cross-sells

Maximize sales opportunities with AI-powered cross-sell recommendations. – Learn More

Our experts would love to talk with you about each of our CPQ solutions for distribution and how they can help your organization achieve the results you need. Reach out today to learn more.

We were able to accelerate our business case and pay back the investment in the first 3 months after initial go-live.

Justin Eisenhart
VP of Finance

Manage Complex SKUs

Is adept at managing vast arrays of SKUs and a diverse customer base.

Empower Your Sellers

Empowers sales reps with in-depth knowledge of a robust product portfolio and ensures they can confidently navigate and recommend products.

Rapid Pricing Updates

Allows for rapid updates to pricing across numerous product catalogs.
CPQ for Distribution

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CPQ?

Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) is software that simplifies the process of generating customer quotes and makes them more effective.  

How does CPQ work?

CPQ software is usually an extension of your customer relationship management (CRM) platform, giving the software access to key details on your customers. It collates these details and uses them to determine the best way to configure products for each customer, what the optimal price is, and automatically generates a quote.  

What systems does CPQ integrate with?

CPQ software is usually an extension of your existing customer relationship management (CRM) platform, and typically integrates with other systems such as ERP and eCommerce platforms or pricing optimization software. 


What are the key benefits of CPQ for distribution?

Businesses turn to CPQ software to quickly collate relevant database data, remove the potential for human error, gain access to up-to-date pricing and other variables, generate optimal quotes for individual clients, execute on a pricing strategy, provide consistent pricing and discount control, reduce time to quote, gain multi-currency support, streamline contract pricing, offer advanced discounts, offer as single source of truth, create a better user interface, easily onboard new sales reps, increase staff efficiency, and save time and money.  

How can you tell if your distribution organization needs CPQ software?

Your organization needs intelligent CPQ software if you have thousands of products to manage, your sales team lacks updated information, you operate on a global scale with customers spanning many locations, or you need quick and accurate pricing, among other reasons. 

What are the top CPQ capabilities in distribution?

A powerful CPQ solution offers easy-to-use intuitive administration, extensibility through simple API, programmatic document generation, real-time pricing automation, and multi-organizational quoting, and is agnostic and flexible for easy integration. Read more about top CPQ capabilities to look for here.

Does Vendavo CPQ use AI?

Vendavo CPQ features AI-powered cross-sell recommendations from Vendavo Sales Optimizer, allowing distributors to increase sales opportunities across large product portfolios and geographic regions.