Pricing and Deal Intelligence Now Available Within Salesforce®

Vendavo™ Pricing Guidance Extension for Salesforce® Platform is an out-of-box integration solution designed to maximize deal profitability and customer experience by delivering advanced pricing and predictive deal intelligence directly into Salesforce® Platform quotation and account management workflows. Sales teams can now make negotiations more productive and collaborative as optimal target price points are suggested, and potential customer business risks identified ahead of time.

It’s Easier than Ever to Meet Corporate Profitability Goals

Optimized target prices can now be delivered right to your Salesforce® CPQ and other account management workflows. Vendavo™ Pricing Guidance analyzes your enterprise transactional data to define comprehensive customer segmentation models and optimal price targets that align closely with a customer’s willingness to pay. Organizations can now better manage pricing policies and identify additional profit opportunities of 2-5% of revenue in as little as 19 weeks.

Quote Confidently and Intelligently

Sales teams can now quote more confidently and intelligently while making every negotiation more productive and collaborative. Sales people no longer have to search across multiple and disparate sources of information. Clear, and insightful pricing guidance is now delivered directly into the Salesforce® Platform: target price, historical pricing, expert and stretch price points, are available across account and product context.

Actionable Deal and Customer Intelligence

It costs significantly more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. As a result, it is important to track and respond to changes in buying behavior of existing customers. Vendavo™ continuously monitors key business metrics and customer behaviors and automatically alerts relevant stakeholders of exceptions and other potential account risks. Sales and Product teams get the actionable intelligence they need to act swiftly on risky accounts and reduce customer churn while optimizing account profitability.