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Vendavo Powers Intelligent Pricing Guidance within Salesforce

Rob Verboom< Rob Verboom June 29, 2020

Intelligent pricing guidance based on customer willingness to pay is now seamlessly available in Salesforce instances thanks to the launch of Vendavo® Deal Price Optimizer (DPO) for Salesforce. Sales reps can now use valuable pricing insights within their Salesforce workflow to win more profitable deals through the quoting process. A simple click-not-code configuration is all that’s needed.

Screenshot of Vendavo's Intelligent Pricing Guidance Within Salesforce Interface

DPO for Salesforce is the only intelligent cloud-based solution that delivers deal-specific pricing guidance that’s based on an ideal blend of powerful AI and your unique business insight, directly to your CRM and quotation workflows. With Deal Price Optimizer, your team can easily segment your market based on willingness-to-pay, set and revise intelligent pricing guidance levels that adhere to your business rules and strategies, preview the impact of the recommended prices, and then make your intelligent price guidance available to whatever quoting or commerce solutions you use.

With configuration in as little as 24 hours, your organization can give sales the right price for every deal – improving win rates, enterprise profitability targets, and customer experience.

Determine the Right Price to Win More Deals

Not all customers value your products in the same way, so a one-size fits-all price makes you lose deals you shouldn’t and leaves money on the table for other customers. To claim your competitive edge, you need the RIGHT PRICE for every deal, every quoting situation. The price that wins the business but also maximizes revenue.

Give your Sales Team Confidence

The only way to achieve value from a pricing guidance initiative, is for sales to use/adopt the pricing guidance. Now, pricing guidance is visually represented in your Salesforce instance. Your teams have clear and defensible explanations of the pricing guidance, which is critical for your sales teams to have confidence in the pricing they use. Adoption in the end is the most important success factor for a pricing guidance initiative.

Simple Set Up

DPO is by far the simplest and fastest solution of its kind to setup. Simply load your transaction data and your list prices or costs and configure the system in one day. It’s also simple to use when creating or revising your segmentation and pricing guidance. Our software has a built-in PhD, so you don’t need one.

Learn more about how you will benefit from Deal Price Optimizer on Salesforce on our website and within Salesforce AppExchange.