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Vendavo Celebrates Intellectual Property Settlement Outcome

Bruno Slosse< Bruno Slosse October 2, 2019

As we head into the final quarter of 2019, we’re taking a moment to celebrate some nice company wins in Q3. Notably, we couldn’t agree more with the positive sentiment so widely promoted across the industry by the defendant in our recent intellectual property lawsuit. We too are happy to see this dispute behind us, as was announced last week, and the competitive playing field has once again been level-set.

When the defendant approached us to discuss settlement, it was important to us that this benefit our customers, employees and shareholders. Our entire team now feels both validated and vindicated that our intellectual property portfolio is now firmly protected, as are our customers who have come to rely on our extensive commercial excellence solutions. This settlement aims to right the wrongs Vendavo suffered, and both we and our shareholders conclude that has now happened.

In speaking with our General Counsel, I now more-fully appreciate that, in the world of intellectual property protection, Vendavo experienced an amazing outcome as part of this settlement. It’s been very rewarding for all of us and I’d like to thank everyone, both internal to Vendavo and those that provided outside guidance and support, for all of their hard work in this matter.

While a quick time out for congratulations is important, we’re already back to doing the work we love, delivering value for customers. Looking forward, Vendavo is set to close another record-breaking year. Our portfolio of products continues to grow; our customers are seeing real profitability and our team is finding exciting new innovative ways to execute on our vision of distinct market leadership in commercial excellence.

We are excited about a great 2020. I hope you’ll take the journey with us.