B2B Sales Teams at Risk!


Inflation: Pre- and Post-Pandemic

A Manufacturing and Distribution Pricing Manager’s Guide to Weathering the Storm 

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What You’ll Learn

In this far-ranging guide, see how the experts at Vendavo assess the lessons and impact of recent inflation – and show how to combat it.

New inflationary pressures have created new hurdles for pricing managers at companies faced with preserving margins during volatile times.  

Learn how governments and businesses tried to cope with prior inflationary periods, and what success (or lack thereof) they encountered. 

We’ll examine the state of inflation today, and the specific problems it’s creating for B2B companies, particularly in terms of profit margins. See how inflation impacts the job of the B2B pricing team, and what measures pricing managers can take to mitigate the effects of inflation on their margins. 

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Key Insights: 

  • What lessons from the 1970s might be applicable in today’s inflation situation. 
  • The importance of pricing agility in maintaining margins. 
  • The best practices you can put in place now to combat inflation’s impacts.