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Research Results Webinar: How Are Companies Doing Pricing?

Vendavo< Vendavo January 13, 2022

When it comes to pricing, we decided the best way to get understanding of what really goes on behind the closed doors of companies was simple – we would ask them outright about how they approach pricing.   

And then we would share the answers with you. 

So if you’re a pricing and price optimization nerd (like all of us), it’s time to get excited. This webinar,How Companies Do Pricing, as Reported by Companies, features unique insights from an extensive survey conducted in partnership with global research and independent advisory services firm Ventana Research.  

In volatile times, it can be difficult to adapt confidently to quickly changing market conditions – yet being able to efficiently price and sell is critical to survival. How are other companies dealing with this? How is your competition surviving? 

Key Questions, Revealing Answers 

So if you’re losing sleep at night wondering how other companies are determining pricing  – and if you’re doing it right – this exclusive webinar will help set your mind at ease.

Put down the chamomile and watch Mitchell D. Lee, VP of Product Marketing and Profit Evangelist at Vendavo, and Stephen Hurrell, VP and Research Director of Ventana Research, discuss what the research revealed.  

As Mitch explains, “More than ever, with increasing global competition and radically volatile transformation in buying and selling environments, the intersection of pricing and profitability is more important than ever.  It’s vital for pricing practitioners and business leaders to have context for agile action – and understand how other businesses rank themselves in terms of how they model and manage pricing for selling success.” 

We asked key questions that pricing leaders may already have in mind: How do other companies approach segmenting buyers? How often do they revise list prices? Who is responsible for making pricing decisions?  

The survey uncovered some surprising results about… 

  • The number of companies that feel they measure customer profitability and cost-to-serve “consistently and accurately.” 
  • How sophisticated they feel their ABM and market segmentation are, and how well-targeted. 
  • How good a job they feel they do at administering pricing.  

The findings could have a direct impact on your enterprise, from helping you better understand your own pricing structure to seeing how other companies are overcoming the same challenges you may be facing. What with Mitch’s decades of experience in pricing excellence and Stephen’s expertise in guiding leaders to maximize revenue, you’ll find it a rewarding session

Webinar: How Companies Do Pricing, as Reported by Companies