Comparison: Vendavo vs. Model N

The Model N alternative for teams that need simple, end-to-end incentive, rebate, and channel management

A scalable, all-in-one solution is essential for manufacturers and distributors with complex incentive and rebate needs. Automate your entire rebate and channel process from deal creation to reporting. Calculate, analyze, and optimize rebates with ease, maximizing your program’s impact across the board.

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3 Reasons Business Leaders Choose Vendavo Over Model N

Single Source of Truth

Vendavo offers one solution for all your rebate management, channel management, and data initiatives. Set up, manage programs, and access analytics and reporting in one streamlined place.

Channel Satisfaction

Gain full control over setting up and managing customer or vendor rebates. Access versatile rebate and incentive programs tailored for any partner or customer. 

Trusted Solution

We’re focused on supporting the incentive, rebate, and channel needs of our customers and the broader market. Trust your Vendavo solution will only get stronger through innovation. We’re here to solve business challenges like yours. 

Vendavo’s Solution for Rebate and Channel Management

Increase revenue, reduce risk, and strengthen relationships as you manage and automate your rebates, payments, accruals, and deductions. Rebate & Channel Manager provides auditable program management to grow revenue and margins across your channels and customers. Gain confidence that the rebate and incentive channel programs you design are growing your business. 

Why Choose Vendavo Over Model N?

Vendavo is focused on supporting manufacturing, distribution, high tech, retail, food service, and related industries.

Self-serve your template agreement creation and management

Create a set of segmented incentive templates to help reduce complexity, ensure the right incentive is applied to the right customer objective, and serve as a rebates playbook 

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Special Pricing Agreements

Handle claims, billbacks, chargebacks, ship and debit, and other Special Pricing Agreements that empower your channel to maximize margin 

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Trade Promotion Management, Market Development Funds, Co-op

Gain the ability to plan, manage, and execute phases of collaborative promotional activities whether that’s in combination with your sales or marketing organization. Learn More from a customer focused on best serving their business through Trade Promotion Management 

Single Vendor Integration

Solutions from Vendavo are interconnected to provide you with a single vendor who works with you on your pricing, quoting, and rebate strategies with AI-based integrations and analytics. 
The solution itself allows for agnostic integrations with your CPQ, CRM, and ERP systems. No matter what your tech stack or architecture looks like, Vendavo Rebate & Channel Manager will meet your requirements. 

Work at scale on one solution

The number of agreements, customers, or suppliers you need or the volume of output should always be managed without major delays or disruptions. Ensure your volumes can be handled.

Ship and Debit

Rebate processes can be complex and involve tracking sales, documentation, communication, claims between manufacturers, distributors, and end customers, and payments. Vendavo can help you with Ship and Debit needs

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Claims and Deductions

Get centralized claims management with the ability to bring in deductions. 

Is a Model N alternative right for you?

If you are a pharmaceutical or life sciences company Model N might be your preferred choice but Vendavo is a strong contender for your incentive and channel management needs. With clients across various manufacturing and distribution industries, Vendavo offers a purpose-built, end-to-end solution tailored to your business. Talk to our team of business and pricing consultants before finalizing your decision on rebates and channel management.