The Commercial Excellence Awards

The Commercial Excellence Awards is how Vendavo recognizes its customers for making great strides in the arena of sales, pricing, and deal management. This goes back to the core of Vendavo’s mission and company Values. We are in a position to give back when we drive the business and deliver profitability.

Although all our customers are digitalizing the commercial process throughout their enterprise, these winners are leading the pack. Time and time again we have seen how sales and pricing initiatives are some of the hardest to pull off – true heroes emerge across the industry to orchestrate and deliver these impactful results.

If that sounds like something you have achieved at your organization then we want to celebrate you. Submit a nomination and next year we might see you on the winner’s stage.

2020 Commercial Excellence Awards

2020 marked the inaugural Commercial Excellence Awards ceremony, which is why we celebrated their accomplishments during the Fall Commercial Excellence Month.

Each winning party went above and beyond in their use of Vendavo software, exhibiting deep knowledge and technical expertise that enabled their teams to overcome difficult business challenges. This type of work is essential in today’s connected world.

Commercial Excellence Award winners and their chosen organization for charity donation:

Innovation Award

Charity Recipient:
GAF Cares Fund

Commercial Excellence Maturity Award


Charity Recipient:

Value Outcomes Award


Charity Recipient
St. Jude Children Hospital

Digital Transformation Award


Charity Recipient:
Covenant House with a matching donation from the ABC Foundation

Customer Insights Panel

Commercial Excellence Best Practices to Overcoming Today’s Business Challenges

Congratulations to all the 2020 Commercial Excellence Award Winners, and to the entire Vendavo community!

Our customers play an important role in paving the path for Commercial Excellence software, as evidenced by the many success stories coming from our users. Check out the on-demand replay here.

Commercial Excellence Maturity Award

These are companies who have deployed projects/solutions to advance their commercial process across customer, product/service, pricing, sales, analytics, and process; striving toward continuous improvement.

2020 Award winner was Dynapac


Innovation Award

These are companies that helps enhance product innovation through participation in lighthouse program, UX labs and leading the way on critical areas for improvement.

2020 Award winner was GAF

Value Outcomes Award

These are companies that have followed through with value realization projects to achieve meaningful outcomes top and bottom-line growth, delivering >5x in return.

2020 Award winner was TruckPro

Digital Transformation Award

These are companies that have shifted to an updated commercial process/system in part or entirely, often requiring effort across stakeholders and enables for greater precision to capture value.

2020 Award winner was AmerisourceBergen


Celebration & Benefits

All Recipients of the Vendavo Commercial Excellence Awards 2020 were honored with the following:

  • Trophy from sustainably sourced material
  • A Sizable Charitable Donation
  • Vendavo Services Credit for a future or current statement of work
  • Press mentions & more *

Keep in mind: Up to 5 people from a customer account can receive an award for being apart of the project team. This allows the customer project lead to recognize other core contributors.

*Any marketing materials associated with the awards program will be approved by the organization prior to distribution.

Awards Pic

Award Eligibility Criteria

Must be an active Vendavo customer

Project should be aligned with one of the four outlined award categories

Customer Project must be completed by the end of the September 2021, unless prior approval has been granted​

Submission form for Nomination must be fully completed

To learn more about these success stories check out our resources page.

Additionally, Vendavo loves to gain unbiased feedback about our solutions so if you have not already done so please review us at either G2 Crowd or Gartner Peer Insights.