Silverpoint Homes Builds Faster, Easier, More Profitable Quotes with Vendavo

Discover how one modular home builder improved the customer experience and drove more sales with faster, more accurate quotes. 

Highlighted Business Outcomes

Faster Quoting

Reduced quoting and pricing process from two days to two hours. 

Higher Satisfaction

Increased transparency for sales consultants and customers leads to higher satisfaction 

Easy Deployment

Leveraged Vendavo Professional Services for speedy development and a framework for continuous optimization. 

Silverpoint Homes Modernizes Their Quoting Process

There are millions – yes millions – of possible unique combinations when it comes to modular home-building. Manually calculating all the possibilities can very quickly lead to several problems. Sales consultants and customers are easily confused. Mistakes can occur. And pricing can turn out to be too high, or too low. None of these are good for sales, operations or the customer experience. 

Too many inaccuracies and an excessive amount of time spent building each customer quote drove Silverpoint Homes to seek out a better solution. 

Farmhouse - Silverpoint Homes

We were juggling spreadsheets, calling manufacturers, and doing everything manually, which meant it took us days to develop quotes and we had a lot of errors that cost us money and credibility with our customers


Farmhouse - Silverpoint Homes

Faster, more accurate, profitable quotes

Silverpoint Homes relies on Vendavo Intelligent CPQ for instant visibility to all possible product configurations for accurate pricing and faster quotes. One system allows for a single source of truth, giving the sales team detailed product knowledge at their fingertips. As a result, they are now able to prepare a quote in just two hours, rather than two days. Target margins are also achieved more consistently with accurate pricing included from the very start. 

Being able to prepare a quote in two hours, instead of two days is a big deal for us. We can confidently offer more options at the right prices, which adds to customer selection and choice and ensures our profitability. In some cases, we’ve even lowered prices on certain items because we know exactly where they need to be, and we don’t have to guess.


Improved transparency leads to higher customer satisfaction

The quick quote turnarounds and improved transparency Vendavo Intelligent CPQ delivers has significantly improved the experience for all Silverpoint Homes customers. With all the options in front of them, they can make better decisions, faster. Customer feedback has improved and so have sales. The solution paid for itself in less than one year. And, with the support of the Vendavo Professional Services team, Silverpoint now has a modern quoting process with a framework for continuous optimization.

Silverpoint Homes - Kitchen

Customers have been very pleased with the live quote process. It eliminates the opaque, black box feeling and long wait times of the previous quote method and they can instantly see what other options do to their pricing. When trust levels go up, sales go up.


Industry Challenges & Vendavo Outcomes


SIlverpoint Homes is one of the largest modular home retailers in the U.S. with four regional sales centers spread across North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia, and nearly 1,200 homes sold over the last 20 years. New modular home quotes that used to take days, not take under two hours using Vendavo© Intelligent CPQ. Transparency has improved, margin variation has been reduced, and Silverpoint sales consultants are delivering an overall better customer experience.

Fast Facts


Industry: Modular Homes Manufacturing

Headquarters: North America

Vendavo Product: Intelligent CPQ

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