Incentive Management

A well-executed rebate program rooted in performance incentives (not assumptions) directs buyer behavior and grows profitability.

Grow Revenue

Manage rebate programs drive 2% to 10% incremental sales, plus have a significant impact on profitability and customer satisfaction.

Stop Overpayments

Incentive management is inherently complex, time-consuming, and prone to errors. Reduce overpayments while processing rebate calculations 35% faster.

Better Forecasting

Automate your calculations and produce forecasts in minutes. Stop battling spreadsheets for days. 

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Improvements our customers measure

Prevented rebate overpayment
Reduced management time
Avoided rebate penalties

Common problems solved

Data management

Rebate programs rely heavily on data, including customer rostering, affiliation, purchase history, sales data, and performance metrics. Communicating rebate program details, eligibility criteria, and changes effectively to customers can be challenging. Ensuring data protection regulation of customer sensitive data, accuracy, quality, data security, and integration with various systems is essential.

Program design complexity

Rebates are complex, adding administrative costs and variability to the negotiation. Designing and managing programs that offer the right incentives to the right customers or vendors at the right time requires a solid understanding of behavior and market dynamics. Incentive programs typically involve multiple designs, tiers, eligibility criteria, and performance metrics.

Accrual calculation and payment

Rebate programs require accurate accrual calculations, since they are a combination of variables such as sales volume, product families, bundles, and customer segments. Mistakes in calculation can lead to overpayments, claims, or accounting errors, which are costly.

Claim resolution

Disputes can arise when customers and channel partners submit proof of purchases that don’t align with the rebates they’re entitled to. Resolving these claims is typically manually or offline, requiring clear documentation and efficient communication.

Program effectiveness & compliance monitoring

Ensuring that customers adhere to the terms and conditions of rebate programs is a significant challenge. You need proper monitoring and compliance management, or customers could miss out on rebates they are entitled to. Poorly managed rebate programs can erode profits and lead to financial losses.


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