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Simplicity Wins in Complex Analytics: Introducing Vendavo Action Adviser 

Aneesa Needel< Aneesa Needel April 29, 2024

Your data continues to grow continuously, and that can make using that data to make informed business decisions tricky at best. Enter Action Adviser, Vendavo’s newest solution to help organizations gain the insights they need with data available today. In this article Aneesa Needel, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Vendavo, explains how Action Adviser works and the benefits of using it.

Organizations face the monumental task of navigating vast amounts of data. Yet, the complexity of manual and traditional analytics tools often hinder more than help.  

Enter Action Adviser: Vendavo’s latest solution designed to transform complex data into insights you can actually use – and all with unprecedented ease – and deliver results with auditability and accountability. 

Introducing Action Adviser 

Action Adviser automates analytics by allowing users to harness powerful data without needing extensive coding skills or deep data science expertise to create insights and opportunities to increase business prosperity. It’s designed to automate best practices with AI-driven playbooks to find and prioritize the sources of revenue and margin leakage.  

The solution uses a “clicks-not-code” approach to enable users to execute sophisticated analytic playbooks with their business case parameters and dimensions with ease. This increases proactive output, improves accessibility, and provides greater efficiency, helping businesses make informed growth decisions quickly and confidently. 

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How Action Adviser Works 

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the abundance of data and complex reports, you’re not alone. Action Adviser makes data analysis simpler, removing stress and time limitations from your daily tasks.  

Here’s how Action Adviser can transform your data into clear, usable recommendations in only a few minutes.  

  • Simplifies analytics 
    Action Adviser redefines the analytics landscape by eliminating the need for extensive coding and data science expertise. Built on the robust playbooks developed by our Value Acceleration Team, this tool is engineered and proven for diverse customer needs, ensuring relevance across various scenarios. It empowers users to execute sophisticated analytical tasks through data models and intuitive user experience, enhancing accessibility and efficiency. 
  • Overcomes business challenges  
    Strengthen your company’s strategic pricing and commercial needs, including with the finance and sales organization, based on data and facts in your business. Action Adviser addresses challenges head-on by providing the ability to recognize issues and receive recommendations faster. Foster confidence, reduce your risks, and justify decisions to stakeholders.  
  • Streamlines operations and boosts margins 
    Imagine a scenario where a company needs to adjust its pricing strategy and may not know where the issue is without extensive, time intensive data research, macros, and interviews across multiple channels. With Action Adviser, the process is condensed into minutes. Users select the data they want to dig into, select and define their parameters, and receive recommendations that can significantly boost margins and revenue. 

Whether you’re making big strategic decisions or handling day-to-day operations, Action Adviser can help you use data to your advantage, simplify complex processes, and give you back valuable time. It will quickly become a go-to for savvy business leaders. 

Your Strategic Partner in Data-Driven Decision Making 

Action Adviser is more than just technology. It’s your strategic partner in operational excellence and profitability. By democratizing data analytics, it allows users to focus on what truly matters: making informed, strategic decisions that drive business outcomes. 

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