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25 Years of Profitable Innovation

Vendavo< Vendavo November 21, 2023

From humble beginnings to the forefront of pricing and commercial excellence. We’re celebrating 25 years of groundbreaking innovation, profitability, and excellence, and we’re so grateful for our incredible team, trusted partners, and loyal customers who have been part of the quarter-century journey.  

Here’s a quick look at where we’ve been, what we’re up to, and where we’re headed in the next 25 years and beyond.

What Makes Vendavo Special?

Johanna Andersson
Johanna Andersson
Associate People & Culture Business Partner

“Our Diversity and our People. Vendavo is a global company with representation in multiple countries which has helped in shaping our Company Culture. We are One Vendavo while still maintaining local cultures and traditions. Our People are invested in building a culture where they feel they can thrive and Vendavo is perfect for that as it offers that family feeling and the ability to impact decisions but is big enough to have processes and the right tools to move us forward – the best of both worlds. The People at Vendavo are not only passionate about pricing, but being on a growing journey where they can make a difference long term while growing professionally. There is a lot of opportunity at Vendavo, which makes it the ultimate place to work.”

Robert Irwin
Robert Irwin
Senior Vice President of Business Consulting

“The focus on Customer success enabled through a process of partnership and a deep understanding of the Customer’s business and what they are trying to achieve sets Vendavo apart. At Vendavo we really dislike the word ‘tool,’ passionately preferring to think of our software as a solution that fits our Customer’s needs. To many this may be just semantics, to us it makes a major difference in the way we, and our Customers, think about the use of technology to support their people and processes.” 

Elvin McLaughlin
Vice President of Professional Services

“What makes Vendavo special is that we have the unique ability to serve customers big and small, simple and complex.  We offer solutions that are “ready for consumption” out of the box.  For customers that are further along on their pricing maturity model continuum, we offer the flexibility to configure while maintaining the integrity of their “secret sauce”!  The ability to maximize profitability through data science and to also inspect the validity of each price point and the corresponding adjustments in a single suite of products is world class.” 

How Do We Make a Difference?

David Edwards
Chief Technology Officer

“As I reminisce about my tenure with Vendavo, what clearly stands out are the incredibly talented and devoted people that work here. There is an undercurrent of tireless commitment to bringing value to our customers through the products and services we offer. The current state of technology is almost unrecognizable compared to 25 years ago, yet even so, our mission of helping customers maximize their growth and profitability remains unchanged. We feel quite confident that our strategic technology and platform investments over the past five years have uniquely positioned us to rapidly develop newer generations of capabilities.” 

Robert Irwin
Senior Vice President of Business Consulting

“Vendavo’s solutions are deployed at the heart of our Customer’s commercial processes. They touch every aspect of key sales and commercial decisions. This is delicate stuff that needs careful handling. They transform previously manual, error prone, ineffective processes using state of the art technology to enable commercial organizations to realize their full potential. We make a difference by caring about how our customers use our technology and how successful they are when using it. Making sure that they can measure success and can articulate the benefit is key.” 

Where is Vendavo Headed?

Aneesa Needel
Senior Product Marketing Manager

“It’s exciting to celebrate this milestone with the company and each other. A lot has continuously improved in that time and I’m delighted at the growth and innovation on the horizon. Here’s to the next 25!” 

Robert Irwin
Senior Vice President of Business Consulting

“The future is bright for Vendavo. Building on a foundation of pricing capabilities, we will continue to grow in relevance for the commercial teams in the key industries that we serve. Through a mixture of internal development and acquisition of new adjacent capabilities, Vendavo’s vision is to build an end-to-end platform that bridges the gap from CRM to ERP fulfilling all commercial needs.” 

Jason Koziol
Director of Global Talent Acquisitions

“Over the last 4 ½+ years, I have seen Vendavo embrace growth against a changing market. We’ve gone from an On-Prem to a cloud base SaaS solution, acquired by AKKR and FP in October 2021, an M&A in September 2022 for our RCM application, expanded hiring into India, and evolved our go-to-market strategy through Covid and post Covid as we try to discover what the new normal was. On top of that, I’ve been able to see promotions across all departments and all levels at Vendavo as we scale and grow. We are growing, and you will grow too. Period.


25 years and just getting started. Here’s to another 25 years and beyond!