Why Commercial Excellence Matters

Sales and Pricing Practices for Growth + Profitability During Downturns

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For more than a decade, business pundits have observed digitalization of the business process is coming. The pandemic brought that concept to reality much, much faster than anyone had realized.

Business leaders across the globe relate to statements like the one from the CEO of Airbnb: you’ve had to make 10 years of decisions in 10 weeks.

The goal, of course, is not digitalization itself, but the ability to drive your business model towards success, in spite of the inevitable disruptions. If you’re first, agility for adaptability becomes a competitive advantage and a differentiation for you in your market.


  • Look at what constitutes commercial excellence processes
  • Review actions were taken by the C-suite, BU leaders, and P&L owners during 2020 to not just survive, but to thrive
  • What companies have done to not only transform with digital technology but how that shift has advanced their business model and boosted profitability