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Emerson Delivers Fair, Trusted Pricing with Profitable Results

Vendavo< Vendavo January 2, 2024

Catherine Hedermann, Global Business Excellence Manager at Emerson, shares insights into how Emerson achieved fair and trusted pricing while driving profitability. Catherine discusses Emerson’s collaboration with Vendavo and the transformative impact it had on their global business processes and systems.

Emerson, a multinational Fortune 500 process industry automation provider and supplier, recognized the importance of trust and fair pricing in building strong customer relationships. Through Vendavo’s pricing solutions, implemented across 29 internal teams, Emerson gained a comprehensive understanding of customer preferences, market challenges, and price realization metrics. The integration of Vendavo Intelligent CPQ empowered Emerson’s sales teams to generate accurate pricing quotes quickly, ensuring a consistent and on-brand customer experience.

Discover the benefits of improved pricing strategies, higher customer satisfaction, and seamless integration with Oracle.

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