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Business Risk Alerts

Arm your sales team with insights for increasing customer satisfaction and reducing customer defection

Reduce customer churn with alerts and notifications before issues arise

Increase profitable deal execution and retention

Give leaders the information they need to support tactical decisions for strategic accounts

Actionable sales intelligence in your inbox

Ensure your sales team and other stakeholders are notified immediately and automatically with business alerts of potentially risky accounts and arming them with information to take corrective action to preserve profitability.

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We’ve helped our customers drive significant revenue impacts like

Increased price effectiveness
Minimized unwarranted price variations
Recovered value-added services

How Does Business Risk Alerts Help Your Team?

Frequently Asked Questions

Dynamic pricing gives you much more control over your pricing because your product prices continuously adjust to remain relevant to changes in supply and demand. Dynamic pricing protects your accounts by giving you flexibility, saving you money, and allowing you to easily manage your pricing.

Quickly locate problem areas with Vendavo AI. Assign and track task ownership to specific people for risk resolution or mitigation. This gives you quick and efficient risk management for securing pricing data.

You can customize alerts based on the products, accounts, or metrics that are most critical for your role. View alerts by severity or urgency so that you act on the most critical problems first.