Vendavo – The PROS alternative for teams that prioritize profitability.

No outlandishly flashy claims, no bestkept secrets, just proven business results, and a team you can rely on to help you grow profitably. 

First, Kudos Are in Order

If you’re here because you want to find a solution that helps you better manage your revenue, price accurately, or recoup lost margins, you’re already leaps and bounds ahead of the pack. Whether you go with PROS, Vendavo, or another solution, we commend you for taking control of your bottom line. 

Delivering Profitability

Next, Let’s Talk Profitability

While the team at PROS has built top tier revenue management solutions that are well suited for airlines and hospitality companies, they struggle to deliver same results for B2B companies. While Pros scrambles to reinvent their solutions for your business, Vendavo provides the right solution and the stability that only a healthy partner can. We’ve driven reliable, profitable results for our customers to the tune of $52 million in annual incremental profit for our average customer.  

3 Reasons Business Leaders Choose Vendavo Over PROS

When it comes to managing your revenue, growth, and profitability, there’s a clear choice.

Profitability Uncompromised

At Vendavo, we don’t just talk about profitability; we live it. Our track record of consistent profitability over the last five years speaks to our financial strength and underscores our commitment to our customers’ success. Choose Vendavo for profitability you can trust. 

Long-Term Partner and Guide

Choosing a partner that may not stand the test of time jeopardizes your future. Vendavo’s financial strength, and proven process minimizes risk and accelerates time to value. We’re not just a vendor, we’re a long-term partner committed to your success. Choose a partner that will safeguard your business and provide lasting stability. 

No BS, Explainable AI

In a world full of AI buzzwords, like “neural networks” and “big data” we believe in clarity and transparency. Vendavo uses AI so that guidance and suggestions are easy, understandable, and explainable. We see AI as your co-pilot, enhancing your decision-making. Say goodbye to the AI black box. 

How do Vendavo and PROS stack up?

As more businesses recognize the value selling and price management software can drive in their organization, buyers are looking to sort through the wealth of options available. If you’re reading this, you might be one of them. You realize the impact this decision will have on your company’s ability to compete in the market long-term. Plus, it will likely impact your own standing in the organization. Business decisions of this magnitude require examining factors that go beyond checkmarks and Xs in a long capabilities comparison.

So how do PROS alternatives stack up? Which solution is right for your business? Let’s consider expertise, experience, digital capabilities, AI, and ease of use.

PROS Comparison

Expertise and Experience

Vendavo is hyper-focused on manufacturing and distribution. PROS has other priorities. Features and functionality only go so far. What’s more important is the right fit between a customer and a vendor. The challenges large manufacturers and distributors are facing are unique and complex:

  • Highly volatile input costs (raw materials)
  • Huge product catalogs with hundreds of thousands (or millions!) of SKUs
  • Lack of visibility into supplier costs and programs
  • Gray markets and global operations making it harder to ensure price consistency across regions – resulting in cross-border leakages
  • Large variations in customer buying behaviors

Company Foundations

PROS began as a yield management software provider for airlines and hotels before expanding into pricing software in 2005. Since then, the bulk of their development efforts have been focused on the airline industry. Vendavo, on the other hand, has been providing pricing solutions and expertise to enterprise manufacturing and distribution powerhouses for over two decades, helping companies improve their profitability through economic booms and busts.

industries is evident in its technology, enabling users through industry-specific pricing playbooks, deep-dive analytical insights powered by AI/ML, and end-to-end integrations of its pricing, selling and intelligence solutions. Vendavo builds applications to meet the specific needs of global industrial businesses, software alone doesn’t ensure success. Vendavo’s team leverages hundreds of years of experience in the pricing industry to assess what’s needed for each partnership beyond just the technology required. Vendavo experts walk alongside you, from your first visit to the website until you become a raving fan. Vendavo’s core values include de-risking projects, providing your team with flexibility in the midst of control, and delivering real, measurable results.

Digital Transformation

PROS makes a lot of promises. Vendavo carries out promises – helping you implement,
measure, and get the most out of your investments.

You know better than anyone that the ultimate success or failure of an initiative depends on more than what’s in the box. Scoping documents, RFIs, countless meetings, demos, and negotiations are just a small part of the journey to finding the right solution. That’s all *before* any contracts are signed!

Navigating any buying process requires a great deal of trust. Often, the person responsible for procurement is not necessarily an expert on the solutions they’re researching. Thus, researchers rely on analyst perspectives and vendor representatives to explain both the solution and the commercial execution required for them and their team (read: bosses.) While lower pricing, aggressive timelines, or eye-popping claims of projected outcomes can be enticing, these bold assurances are commonly unrealistic for complex businesses. Not to mention, these promises can quickly fall apart after the contract’s been signed, resulting in extended and costly service engagements. It’s important to ask any vendor you’re considering to validate their claims with real data and customer references.

Vendavo’s Value Consulting team is a critical component to ensuring your success. Not only do we use a customized pricing structure that customizes each implementation based on your specific needs. We work with you to measure the impact of the solution on the business post-implementation, delivering provable results through tailored KPIs as well as specific, ongoing guidance over the life of the partnership.


Return on Your Fees

Explainable AI

Vendavo hosts a strong bench of data scientists who inform product decisions. In addition, our business consultants, implementation experts, solution architects and value consultants work with our customers to build bespoke models that utilize our Centaur AI approach. It gives humans visibility and control of the levers the AI is using to provide its insights to Vendavo Deal Price Guidance, Business Risk Alerts, and Sales Optimizer enabling powerful negotiations and identifying opportunities to earn more revenue. This allows companies to adapt to the real-world complexities and scale of large B2B business environments.

Other pricing solution vendors take a more “black box” approach to their AI. Without visibility into how the models work, you’re left with being asked to accept the results on blind faith.


of B2B firms

say their pricing decisions could improve.

Ease of Use

Vendavo’s solutions are easy-to-use and a dedicated team of experts are there to guide you.

It can be easy to abstract the human element when discussing an entire organization’s revenue goals or lengthy, aggressive commitments. Don’t lose sight of the people who will be using the technology – learning new software, changing their daily routines, and, ultimately, being held accountable for the purchasing decision. Time and again, what looks good on paper will fall flat on its face when confronted with the realities of that human element, especially in a complex enterprise organization.

Training, documentation, a software’s UI, its integration with your existing systems, and even the unavoidable hiccups that arise requiring support are all as critical to an initiative’s success as the initial solution architecting and the deal’s financials.

Vendavo’s commitment to its customers’ success begins before the first phone call and extends well beyond signing the contract – as evidenced by our 98% customer retention rate. The solutions feature a consistent, easy-to-understand user interface and a clicks-not-code philosophy towards integration and administration, with a dedicated team of service, support, and education experts ready to help.

Is a PROS alternative right for you?

For many organizations, implementing new software means the pressure is on. Many eyes are on you to get results, illustrate its value to your team, prove ROI, and achieve success. In order to de-risk the selection you make, choose a vendor who has decades of experience delivering results for organizations that look just like yours and a partner who will walk alongside you at every step of the journey to ensure your success.

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