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Centaur AI Pricing Technology

Merging Human + Artificial Pricing Intelligence

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Discover why neither “glass box” and “black box” AI platforms are right for pricing operations…and why a hybrid approach is better.

Every once in a while, a groundbreaking technology comes along that forges its own branch in the pricing strategy tree from which almost all subsequent innovations germinate. 

Centaur AI, combining the best characteristics of artificial intelligence and human pricing expertise, is such a technology. 

In this eBook from the pricing tech experts at Vendavo, learn the disadvantages of “glass box” and “black box” AI approaches.  And why Centaur AI allows intelligent teamwork between artificial and human intelligence, resulting in better pricing performance.


  • Uses pricing science algorithms to build the complete segmentation tree. 
  • Lets you manually set, modify, and add changes to reflect business judgment at the broadest and most granular levels. 
  • Provides statistical feedback and safety nets to ensure profitable outcomes and confidence.