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Vendavo Pricepoint

Execute straightforward, scalable price management across your organization

Vendavo Inc. and Vendavo Pricepoint are not affiliated with XSB, Inc. or XSB’s PRICEPOINT

Improve pricing agility to stay ahead of changing market dynamics

Increase revenue and margin with future-proof technology and expert guidance

Realize value in less than 10 weeks with rapid implementation

Profitability and growth at your fingertips

Your pricing teams set, manage, and share pricing strategies. With flexible pricing logic, configurable rules, and calculations, you can scale strategies across your catalogs of products, regions, countries, channels, and customers to ensure that the right price is always shared with your sellers and channels, no matter the context.

Established efficient list price setting and publishing
Ensured appropriate price premiums
Value-based list price setting

How Does Vendavo Pricepoint Help Your Team?

Frequently Asked Questions

Price management is the act of setting and updating pricing within any business. At a more granular level, price management is the practice of efficiently and effectively managing the balance between financial risk and revenue to optimally manage product pricing at any given time, identify cross-sell or upsell opportunities, and prevent margin erosion.

B2B companies are finding manual price management is increasingly impractical in a digital age. Yet spreadsheets are still common, even though they don’t provide the flexibility or speed that pricing teams need today. It’s why category leaders are maintaining their commercial edge by implementing AI-powered price management solutions.

B2B pricing is complex. It has to satisfy business goals while meeting customer expectations and defying competitors. But modern B2B operations are complicated, especially when spread across multiple markets, segments, and contexts. That makes it hard to set the correct price in the first place, let alone update prices to stay in step with rapidly changing market and customer dynamics.

So manual approaches to price management simply can’t keep up. Especially if your goal is to maximize margins and profitability in digitally-driven markets.

An AI-powered price management solution can quickly analyze existing or new data to deliver up-to-the-moment pricing that maximizes your competitive edge. Vendavo Pricepoint can centrally secure that data, using its flexible pricing logic to scale across all your operations, geographic, channels, catalogs, and more, so you deliver the right price every time.