Globaler Kraftstoffhersteller verspricht sich mit Vendavo eine potenzielle Margenerhöhung von 2,3 Mio. EUR

Learn how Vendavo furthers company’s global sustainability mission AND profitability goals.

Highlighted Business Outcomes

Fast, Easy Implementation

Price optimization across multiple product lines & geographies.

€2.3m Potential Margin Lift

Pricing guidance improves margin transaction by transaction.

Timely, Accurate Quotes

Streamlined quoting so sales can spend more time selling.

Innovating an Entire Value Chain

Known worldwide for its innovative solutions to combat climate change and dedication to accelerating a global shift to a circular economy, this leading global producer of renewable diesel and jet fuel for customers in transport, municipalities, aviation, and chemicals has tied its company mission to sustainability goals, which they consistently exceed.

In dedication to accelerating the circular economy, the company works closely with their partners to produce sustainable products and drive the ‘circularity’ forward. Because one of the company’s partners successfully relies on Vendavo price optimization solutions, they too looked to optimize both their own pricing and their innovative value chain.

Global Fuel Producer