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Vendavo® CPQ Cloud Delivers 5x More Revenue Growth

Vendavo® CPQ Cloud is a SaaS solution that provides robust integrated guided selling, product and pricing configuration, quotation, proposal and contract support for your business. Whether you are a sales professional looking for real-time information to improve your cycle time, or responsible for profit across a product line or P&L, Vendavo® CPQ Cloud provides capability to easily respond to customer requests – no matter where they are coming from:  online or offline, from self-serve or full-service buying channels. And, you’ll know that current pricing, T&Cs, and other supporting documents are being provided at the click of a button. With Vendavo® CPQ Cloud, your sales people achieve improved performance in the quoting cycle, which means more quotes – that are more accurate, and less time spent on administrative burdens. That’s why companies that use CPQ best achieve 5x more growth in revenue than those that don’t. (Aberdeen CPQ Study, Jul 2016: “Powering a Profitable Sales Organization”)

Configure Robustly

Enable sales to combine products, components, and services into customer-specific packages based on pre-defined rules & constraints. No more time wasted on checking for the latest email with the most up-to-date spreadsheets, to see what combinations are appropriate and available. Guided selling – easily maintained via simple administration rules – lets your sales reps focus on understanding current customer needs, and how your offering can meet those needs, including cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Price Intelligently

Know the right price (including discounts) appropriate for the solution and customer, with simple, easy-to-manage rules for having the right price, at the right time, for the right customer. Whether it’s top line growth or bottom line profitability, flexible business rules can make sure that your offerings are aligned with your pricingstrategy every time.

Quote Confidently

Generate a quote or proposal based on the selected
configuration and pricing, including version control, approvals, and appropriate documentation. Having your business rules presented in every appropriate situation, the simple situations – the great majority – are dealt with simply. This makes time for you to deal with the complicated situations – the ones that will have meaningful impact on your business – and make sure they fit within your strategy.

Vendavo® CPQ Cloud Features and Benefits