Vendavo Profit Analyzer

Vendavo Profit Analyzer, available both on-premise and hosted, is the most powerful tool for unlocking hidden pricing opportunities and improving margins across your “enterprise Big Data.”

Now available for SAP HANA®.




Find margin leakage across your waterfall with guided opportunity visualization and profit playbooks, powered by in-memory analytics.



Track the profitability of deals, customers, and products with deal performance analytics.



Quickly get the root cause with margin causality analysis, configurable dashboards and reports, self-service reporting, and more.


Configurable Dashboards

Easily configure dashboards to explore your pricing opportunities, using a drag-and-drop interface, including charts, alerts, filters, and more.

Profit Playbooks

Get up to speed with special instructions and guidance to learn how to identify profit opportunities and capture additional margin quickly and efficiently.

Critical KPIs & Business Ratios

Analyze a wide range of business measures, including price yield, freight recovery ratio, and opportunity-cost to serve, in addition to waterfall elements.

Self Service Reporting

Create powerful reports on-the-fly without any involvement of IT and quickly get your pricing questions answered. Data can be filtered by product, customer, region, etc. and reports can be shared and exported.

Advanced Pricing Algorithm & Visualization

Be confident with the incredible analytics you’ll get, presented in a variety of special graphics, including comparative waterfall analysis.

Powered by SAP HANA®

Analyze billions of transaction records with massive parallel processing at the database level. Empower your team and bring your waterfall to life with real-time insights. With support from SAP HANA®, you get:

• High in-memory performance with lower ETL costs
• Blazing-fast analysis with insights at the speed of a thought
• A simplified system architecture

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