Optimize profitability amid rapid lifecycles, multiple channels. Account for cost changes with dynamic pricing.

Why selling more profitably matters to you.

Product Pricing Software
to Optimize Profit on High Tech Companies

High Tech OEMs, software companies, semiconductor and component manufacturers all face the same, significant business challenges that impact profits.

These include: ever shortening product life cycles, constant product introductions with new value and better performance to beat the rapidly declining price curve on existing products, managing end-of-life decisions and the overall pressure on prices. In addition, there is constant margin pressure on High Tech companies due to increased competition from low-cost manufacturers.

These industries operate in a complex environment with global pricing and multi-tiered sales channels. This creates the potential for arbitrage, inconsistent pricing to the same customer, gray market trading and a resulting lack of pricing transparency and margin loss.

These companies need to effectively manage the price erosion curve as products move through their short life cycles. They need to leverage their “Big Data” to deliver actionable information to their front line so that they can close profitable deals at the “Moment of Truth.”  Facing purchasing departments that have access to a wealth of competitive pricing information and deal history, it is essential that the  front line sales team is equally armed with the right and timely information to make a profitable price decision. With the Vendavo Sales Negotiator, the sales team has real time pricing guidance, customer metrics and negotiating leverage to close transactions, and close more of them profitably.

The Vendavo Enterprise Profitability Suite helps technology companies effectively address these business challenges and drive higher margins. Leading high technology companies such as Dell, IBM, Seagate, Lenovo, Molex, and EMC, among others, have selected the Vendavo Enterprise Profitability Suite to help them drive higher profits.

Customer Speak


Seagate says:

“Our large customers are looking for the only differentiator to be price so our salespeople are looking for other criteria – sell value, sell services, for example.  We need our executives to be aware of any risks to sales goals early on in the negotiation process, and we needed a more standardized process for communicating and delivering quotes.  Vendavo does that.”

- Kevin Mann – Seagate

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