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Outcomes Delivered


Amount of companies that deal with pricing portfolio inconsistencies

Vendavo and EPP Pricing Survey


Number of organizations that will have deployed some form of AI by 2020 to augment their sales processes



The level of improvement in revenue generation, customer satisfaction, and cost reduction from organizations that are able to leverage actionable data insights for digital commerce


Middle Office Business Challenges

The B2B middle office is dealing with increasingly complexity in business processes. The ability to leverage insights into profitable commercial actions will determine the market winners. Today many enterprises are challenged by incomplete disconnected silos in their front and back office systems.

Lack of Customer Insights

  • Limited understanding of customer buying behavior
  • Lack insights into how customers perceive value of market offerings
  • Can only differentiate market offering on price or product, instead of customer experience

Increasing Pricing Challenges

  • Difficult to operationalize multiple complex pricing strategies
  • Limited to “One size fits all” pricing strategies
  • Unable to adjust pricing quickly to meet changing market and competitive conditions

Limited Margin Optimization

  • Lacks visibility into detailed margin per transaction
  • Unable to model deal line-item profitability
  • Can’t explain changes in revenue or margin due to price, volume, or mix effects

Growing Sales Friction

  • Friction & inaccuracy in the sales process
  • Too much time spent on non-customer activities
  • Not automated: quotes and approvals take far too long, resulting in lost deals

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Commercial Excellence with Vendavo

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Customer Insights Delivered

  • Understand customer behavior through machine-driven analytical science
  • Create, test, and validate customer segmentation models
  • Deliver Predictive alerts to sales and reduce customer churn

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Achieve Dynamic Pricing Management

  • Easily manage multiple pricing strategies across the entire global organization
  • Determine, deliver, and defend deal-specific target price guidance
  • Dynamic pricing intelligently adjusts to changing conditions

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Fuel Your Profitability

  • Measure and model transactional profitability to reduce margin leakage
  • Model price changes across one or all your deals
  • Detailed revenue & margin causality

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Maximize Profit with Every Quote

  • Deliver the right products at the right prices to the right customer and make for a smooth selling & buying experience
  • Reduce time on sales administration with always-accurate prices and costs
  • Reduce deal cycle time, increase win rate through greater quote velocity

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