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Business Criticality

It’s no longer business as usual for Aerospace and Defense Companies. From changing customer preferences to new sources of competition A&D companies must quickly transform their commercial processes to remain viable in the digital marketplace. Vendavo is the market leader in working with A&D companies to modernize their quote-to cash processes and deliver a superior customer experience while optimizing profitability.

Aerospace and Defense

Industry Insights


Amount of revenue increase that Digital technologies can deliver to Aerospace and Defense Companies.

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All transactions in Aerospace and Defense conducted online.

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Percent of Aerospace and Defense executives that believe all aspects of the workforce will be influenced by Artificial Intelligence.

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Business Challenges of Aerospace & Defense


• Growing competition from new entrants.

• Meeting new, more demanding customer expectations.

• Limited capabilities for digital commerce and sales

• Cumbersome processes resulting in slow time to quote

• Your sales team struggles with relevant customer context for negotiation

• Your sales team struggles to find a single integrated view of your customer


• Lack of value chain digitalization

• Supply and demand disruptions

• Ineffective use of AI

• Limited profitability and performance visibility

• Limited ability to adjust to or meet changes in the market

• Sales teams are struggling with executing deals appropriately to acquire and retain customers

• Lack of integrated eCommerce and direct sales commercial processes


• Lack of advanced commercial pricing models

• Limited spare parts profit optimization

• Lack of understanding of perceived customer segment value

• Limited measures for profitability visibility across the value chain

• Your commercial processes struggle with getting the optimized, winning price in front of the customer quickly

Vendavo Solutions

Commercial Excellence for Aerospace and Defense

Sale Solutions

• Improved Win Rates

• Fast Accurate Quotation

• B2B Ecommerce

• Product Availability

• Guided Selling

• Deal Profitability

• Price Agreements

• Product/Offering Configuration

• Automated Proposal Generation

Commercial Intelligence Solutions

• Artificial Intelligence

• ERP and CRM Integration

• Margin Optimization

• Deal Negotiation Insights

• Price Volume Mix Analysis

• Advanced Segmentation Modeling

• Predictive Business Alerts

• Configurable Dashboards

• Advanced Commercial Visualization

Pricing Solutions

• Automated Intelligent Pricing

• Price Optimization

• Dynamic Pricing

• Centralized Price Management

• Market Data Management

• Transfer Price Management

• List Price Management

• Pricing Guidance

• Pricing Analytics

• Incentive Management


Managing a Successful Project in a Global Enterprise

Profit Summit 2013: Managing A Successful Project In A Global Enterprise – Honeywell

Managing a Successful Project in a Global Enterprise – Lonnie Luehmann and Alicia Vitalis, Honeywell.

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