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Data is your most powerful business asset in the digital economy. It holds the crucial insights needed to make winning business decisions every day. However, most companies are unable to efficiently and reliably access their data to reveal fast, actionable insights. Vendavo’s Commercial Excellence Platform was engineered from the ground up with simple and affordable technology integration as a core objective. The platform enables businesses to quickly tap into their data sources and generate new and actionable insights.

Benefits of Vendavo Platform Integration

Streamlined integration with the largest front- and back-office business platforms, including SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce

Leverage existing identity infrastructure using single sign-on (SSO) protocols

Wide breadth of modern, secure web APIs with developer-friendly documentation

Faster implementations with reduced costs

Vendavo Cloud Platform Integration

A collection of secure web APIs enables seamless integration of the Vendavo platform into your digital ecosystem. Our years of experience integrating with some of the largest business platforms, such as SAP and Salesforce, has led to prebuilt connectors that accelerate your implementation time.

Vendavo Cloud Platform API Management

A comprehensive set of web APIs for data ingress and egress, combined with our expertise in preparing and transforming data, means that integrating your data with the Vendavo platform is simple and straightforward. Our underlying data infrastructure has a single front door for secure movement of data in and out of the platform.

Vendavo Enterprise SSO

The Vendavo commercial excellence platform can leverage your existing enterprise identity infrastructure by enabling single sign-on using the industry standard SAML 2 and OpenID Connect protocols. This allows your organization to define and control authentication and access management policies that work for you.

Vendavo API Gateway

Connect your own applications to the Vendavo platform by utilizing our secure API gateway where all endpoints are authenticated, and all data is exchanged through encrypted channels over HTTPS. The Vendavo API gateway comes equipped with documentation and invocation examples for all endpoints.

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