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Game-changing actionable intelligence empowers you to make the most informed decisions quickly — even in a marketplace where change is constant. Yet, most companies are struggling with the ability to leverage their transactional data in order to make better decisions, faster. Vendavo delivers the most advanced artificial intelligence solutions designed to turn your data into actionable insights that empower profitable decision making at the speed of the digital marketplace.


B2B Artificial Intelligence Insights


Organizations that leverage actionable insights for digital commerce can expect to see 25% improvement in revenue, customer satisfaction, and cost reduction.



Only 1/3 of companies are able to accurately measure profit margin as part of their sales analytics



Insight – driven organizations are growing annually at 30% per year


Black Box AI vs Glass Box AI

Black Box AI

Many self-proclaimed AI solutions provide the user with no insight or understanding into what exactly is being analyzed and how results are being calculated. The business has no ability to alter the inputs with additional criteria or additional business insights and must accept the results for what they are.

Glass Box AI

We believe in a business world that involves people and AI working collaboratively to empower business leaders to make data-driven decisions, increase operational effectiveness, and innovate faster. With Vendavo you know exactly how things are working and why, and can tailor the output with your real-world business insights.

How Vendavo Artificial Intelligence Can Support Your Business

Business Challenge

How Vendavo Artificial Intelligence Can Help

Use case

Understanding Customer Buying Behavior

Better understand how different customers perceive value differently

Achieve a 3% or greater return on sales through price optimization

Determine Deal Specific Target Price Guidance

Identify pricing that increases your deal win rates while optimizing enterprise profitability

30K sales reps using advanced deal guidance in one implementation

Dynamically price millions of SKUs

Update pricing across millions of SKUs with insights from real-world market data and competitive actions

8.6M SKUs priced in one system

Identify impact from supply and demand variations

Generate real-time insights from shifts in supply and demand and accelerate decision making

400M transactions analyzed for insight in one business instance

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