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78% of tech initiatives fail to achieve even 50% of the intended outcomes. Vendavo® Value Consulting is your proven digital transformation partner for large-scale pricing and CPQ projects, guaranteeing a 5X return on consulting fees, or your money back.

Drive Adoption Across People, Process and Technology​

Overcome digital transformation challenges to ensure optimal value realization. Get expert guidance before, during and after go-live to achieve desired commercial excellence KPIs.

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Continuously Realize Profitable Outcomes

Customers are leveraging Vendavo Value Consulting for their commercial excellence solutions to achieve, on average, $18 million in incremental return, annually.

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Your Commercial Excellence Blueprint​

The Vendavo Value Consulting approach can be tailored to your digital transformation initiatives. From rapid value assessment in the early stages of your decision process to continuous engagement for value optimization, Vendavo Value Consulting is your proven resource for delivering bottom-line benefit.

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