Profit Summit Speakers


Vendavo Profit Summit is the largest Intelligent Pricing event in the world dedicated to educating and sharing best practices across the entire Opportunity-to-Order amongst the largest companies on how they can use pricing science to deliver greater selling effectiveness, deliver a customer experience, and help in transforming their business to meet the challenges from a digital economy.
This year’s theme at Profit Summit is Pricing in a Digital Economy. We are looking for interesting and relevant topics from our customer and partner ecosystem that highlight new and interesting ways in which pricing science is being used to help transform the enterprise into a digital business and competing effectively in a digital economy.
Profit Summit brings together an ecosystem of Opportunity to Order participaTnts including Sales, Line-of-business owners, Finance, CXO, Marketing, IT and Pricing leaders focused on using pricing science to deliver stronger customer experiences, reducing costs, streamlining complex operations.
We invite you to submit a speaking proposal on any of the following suggested areas, or submit your own topic that you feel would be relevant to other business professionals:

  • The strategic role of pricing in a digital economy and enterprise digital transformation
  • How intelligent pricing can increase front-line sales effectiveness
  • How pricing science can optimize profit and margin opportunities
  • Optimizing your SAP, Salesforce, Oracle and other systems with pricing intelligence
  • Best practices in managing change when implementing new pricing methodologies
  • Best pricing practices in key industries (Hitech, Distribution, Chemicals, Manufacturing)
  • Maximizing enterprise agility with pricing intelligence
  • Submit your own topic

If you are interested in speaking to the Vendavo Profit Summit community on stage and sharing your team’s lessons learned, best practices and new innovations please complete the submittal form below.

Our Past Speakers


Arunkumar Narayanan
Executive Director of Global Pricing Transformation, Dell

Bill Kuglich

Bill Kuglich
Vice President of Global Pricing,

Boris Hütter

Boris Hütter
Director of Pricing,

DJ Patil

DJ Patil
VP of Product,

Jim Azzouz

Jim Azzouz
Manager of Global Revenue Management,
Ford Motor Company

John Foley
Former Lead Solo Pilot
US Navy Blue Angels

Stephan Liozu

Stephan Liozu
Value of Innoruption Advisors