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Profit Summit 2016 Track Information

Profit Summit’s session tracks are packed with expert advice, customer stories, and thought leadership, specially designed to provide a focused Summit experience based on your role and initiatives. This year’s agenda features four Tracks built to help you and your team define and operationalize your pricing strategy by offering deeper dives into topics such as profit analytics, deal execution, price optimization, technical integration, product innovation and more.

Track 1: Value Realization

Your data is a treasure trove of information that can be turned into actions that drive revenue to your bottom line. In this track, we offer insights into how organizations are leveraging analytics to not only identify profit opportunities for any slice of their business, but also incorporate analytics into the anatomy of their B2B transactions, deal negotiations, strategic planning, and overall price execution.

Track 2: Pricing Excellence

Successful B2B organizations utilize pricing as a strategic function—one that makes significant contributions to financial, productivity, and commercial excellence goals. This is a difficult task achieved through cross-functional collaboration, a powerful corporate vision, and the right processes to support disciplined pricing decision-making and execution. In this track, we focus on what it takes to plan for and optimize pricing performance.

Track 3: Technical Success

At the core of any pricing initiative are tools and software solutions that must be deployed, integrated, and fully operational. In this track, we focus on what it takes to deploy and maximize the value of your Vendavo solutions through technical tips, tricks, and best practices around cloud, CRM, and ERP integration, system testing, performance tuning, upgrades and more.

Track 4: Product Innovation

B2B organizations are required to continue driving shareholder value amidst dynamic market conditions, evolving competitive environments, and increasingly demanding customers. In this track we provide deep dives into the critical capabilities for profit and margin optimization. Hear directly from our product managers about the latest innovation in sales analytics, price optimization, deal execution, and pricing science—all designed to maximize the value of every transaction, every contract, and every deal.