Features and Benefits Profit Insights Features and Benefits Profit Insights

Feature Description

Feature Benefit

Data Exploration

Analyze and explore transaction data from multiple sources to track key metrics by customer, product, industry, or channel using analytics workspaces.

Increase overall visibility into margin performance and identify specific areas of leakage and actionable opportunities to drive revenue and margin improvement.

Data Visualization

Visually identify outliers, correlations, and trends to determine root causes of underperformance.

Understand the causes of revenue and margin performance over time in order to define corrective actions.

Risk Visualization

Get predictive risk scores when analyzing product or customer data.

Quickly assess the current health of an account and/or product. Utilize predictive trends to take necessary actions.

Predictive Data Analytics

Receive system-generated alerts via e-mail or mobile device on customer-specific KPIs that deviate from the norm and might indicate business risk.

Notify front-office teams on account-related risks and any changes in buying behavior that require immediate action to prevent customer churn.

Predictive KPI Dashboards

Built-in dashboards provide detailed data analysis on risk factors and KPIs.

Front-office teams are supported with relevant information to have a focused discussion with at-risk customers and address issues.

Data Sharing & Collaboration

Publish analytics charts and tables as dashboards and share with team members. Assign ownership and resolution dates for business alerts.

Increase visibility across the organization into profit underperformance to decide on corrective action more quickly. Collaborate to mitigate time-sensitive business risk events.

Data Scalability

Analyze large data volumes in excess of 100 million rows.

Leverage internal and external data sources to provide a comprehensive profit analytics view into competitive data, market data, and more.

Ease of Use

Intuitive user experience is accessible to all types of users, requiring minimal training.

Drive higher adoption across the organization with simple, easy-to-use analytical platform.

Fully Integrated

Analytical findings can be easily and fully integrated into other applications.

Embed analytical insights to inform other business processes, such as price setting and deal management.