Vendavo® Incentive Manager By Entomo

Vendavo® Incentive Manager by Entomo helps B2B organizations automate and streamline the entire incentive management and analytics lifecycle. Using this solution companies can quickly implement many different kinds of incentives within their quoting process. It helps sales or business teams easily create incentive or rebate programs, assess their impact on quotes before approving deals, as well as track customer or partner compliance for incentive payouts. Vendavo and Entomo also combine to provide in-depth analytics into the effectiveness of the incentive program and the impact of incentives on the overall sales and margin performance.

Increase Market Share With End-to-End Incentive Management

Vendavo™Incentive Manager equips sales reps with the ability to create new incentive programs or select existing programs, apply them directly to a deal in Vendavo™Deal Manager, and send both for approval at the same time. This joint Vendavo-Entomo solution ensures companies follow a systematic process for creating and using incentive programs as well as for tracking compliance and making payments. This solution helps companies increase topline revenue by offering relevant and timely incentive programs in negotiations, helping to win deals.

Reduce Revenue Leakage With Accurate Payouts

Companies often experience low margins due to incorrect incentive payouts or reconciliations and claims fraud. Vendavo™Incentive Manager helps you track whether the customer or partner has attained the appropriate level of compliance to qualify for incentive payouts. When you correctly accrue, validate, and pay claims on a single solution, you prevent incorrect payouts that negatively impact margins. As a result, companies meet their growth objectives while also meeting margin targets.

Gain Visibility and Control Over the Incentives Program

Sales teams often offer incentives without an in-depth understanding of the negative margin impact on their deals. Together, Vendavo and Entomo give sales and deal approvers visibility into the impact of rebates and other incentives on pocket price and deal profitability during negotiations.. Companies using Vendavo™Profit Analyzer to accurately attribute incentive payouts gain an accurate understanding of which incentive programs are working. As a result, sales applies incentives that help grow the business while maintaining profitability.


Rebates, SPIFF and Co-Op/MDF

Pricing compliance programs like Ship & Debit and/or Special Pricing

Quoting and inventory programs, such as ‘rights of return’ and price protection programs