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Analysis Made Simple

Comprehensive Analyses Across All of Your Business Dimensions

Margin Bridge Analyzer enables Price/Volume/Mix analysis across not just different time periods like year-over-year, but also different datasets like plan vs. actuals. What’s more, you can compare analyses across product lines, sales organizations, and business units for greater insight. With critical, actionable insights into exactly what is driving changes to revenues and margins, your organization will be equipped to make more profitable decisions.

Measure the Impact of your Pricing Strategy​

Margin Bridge Analyzer has been used successfully to measure the impact of pricing actions and initiatives for many Vendavo customers. By isolating and quantifying the impact of price on revenue and/or margin, and filtering or slicing your data by relevant geographies, dates, and business dimensions, you can measure the effectiveness of strategic pricing actions and your entire initiative.

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Easily Build Custom Revenue and Margin Bridges

Margin Bridge Analyzer enables you to build and maintain unlimited, user-defined Price/Volume/Mix analyses through easy-to-use “clicks not code” configuration. You can build your own Price/Volume/Mix models that meet your organization’s unique needs for how you need to aggregate data, how you define “mix”, and how your users want to drill down through your analyses.

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Scalable and Secure Analysis Across Your Entire Enterprise​

With a modern cloud-based architecture that is both highly secure and extremely scalable, Margin Bridge Analyzer provides fast, powerful analysis on all your enterprise transactions in less time than it takes to get your coffee. No need to stretch spreadsheets beyond their limits, or risk exposing sensitive data with non-enterprise-grade home-grown tools.

Vendavo Margin Bridge Analyzer Features & Benefits

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