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Features and Benefits



Index Management

The management of external indexes and related properties to edit, import, and create index values.

Central management of index values for the recalculation of the price according to agreed conditions/indexes.

Formula Management

Manage, edit, and control of a central pricing formula library, including formula administration, central formula library, formula editor.

Central management of formulas including pre-approved ranges where variables in the formula can be managed and made available on a deal appropriate basis.

Formula Execution

Create and maintain formulas and edit variable values, validity dates, recalculation frequency, price protection, etc.

Execute and allocate formula for the specific item/customer combination.

Coordinated price list management

Maintain parallel price lists with coordinated business rules or independent business rules.

Now price lists can be executed using dynamic pricing, potentially resulting in millions of price changes every day or in a management process. Example: customer X gets gold list price for product family A, but bronze list price for product family B.

Dynamic Price List Management

Maintain multiple price lists with the same set of rules and same price order across multiple tiered price lists, but different input parameter/rules across the tiers.

Drive price lists’ changes with a variety of input parameters and rules.

Customer to Price List Allocation

Assign a customer to a specific price list. Allows for hierarchy of rules that distinguishes for bronze, silver, or gold for customers.

Now the pricing teams can be running promotions that allows them to pick the best price for each customer. Enables exception on any dimension (i.e. product groups, items etc.).

Sales Data Aggregation on Percentiles

Store up to 5 percentile values based on the transactional sales data.

These price points can be used as guidance, as a value driver in price rules or in reporting.