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Features and Benefits



Intelligent Segmentation

An AI/human hybrid model based on willingness to pay, which captures unforeseen revenue and business opportunities, and allows you to shape your segmentation tree with your business insights.

Structure the segmentation with key dimensions that define your business, such as business units, geographies. Using AI determine the segments and provided segmentation with the help of statistical feedback and safety nets to ensure outcomes that are within reasonable confidence levels.

Set Pricing Objectives.

Pricers no longer have to broadly apply gut feel averages. Now they can Safely/Confidently sculpt their commercial aspirations with data backed segmentation.

Allows for perceived value grouping. Calculations are made through using the percentile settings and statistical discount (or margin) distribution for each node of the segmentation tree.

Business Rules

Business rules provide controls and guardrails that prevent the algorithm from generating price guidance values that are undesired from a business/commercial perspective or those based on ‘bad’ pricing behavior.

Business rules take care of future changes and allow for smart overrides. Run business rules for change cap, corridor pricing, prevent price decreases, boundary, threshold, set value, and rounding/precision

Seamless Integration into Commercial Processes

Allows for seamless integration of a powerful combination ML statistics and human business insight to effectively influence sales enablement.

Pricing data is easily accessed and automatically integrated into the optimization engine through fast cloud computing. Easily integrate with:m Salesforce® CRM, Microsoft® Dynamics, Sugar® CRM, Infor® CRM, SAP® ERP, Oracle® ERP, and others.

Confident Pricing Guidance

Sales representatives have pricing that they can trust. When pricing department have the ability to back-up pricing decision and easily show sales reps ‘why’ prices make sense, they are confident in how they negotiate with customers.

Easily understand how segmentation and optimization models work and how they will behave given certain conditions. Use of a transparent and user-accessible model allows for the easy explanation of recommendations.

Ease of Use

Out of the box solution to intelligent pricing in 24 hours. Easily learned and managed within your organization.

Easily manage and operate the segmentation model by creating the base segmentation, set performance runtime parameters, create tree splits, and navigate as granular or broadly as you need with multiple zoom levels.

Compare/Contrast Existing Segmentation

Compare/Contrast with existing enterprise segmentation to build, advance, manage, and maintain pricing segmentation models.

Pricing segmentation models can easily represent your enterprise initial pass at segmentation and tease out nuances where value has not been realized.

Review and adjust pricing guidance

Determine what conditions should be informed my market dynamics. User can choose to override computed price guidance or discounts/margins for a selected product/customer combination.

Review segments and scores and override suggested guidance in response to market conditions. Override model to implement corrective action. VDPG can compute prices for any business dimension, e.g. product/plant.

Segmentation Display

More efficient navigation and readable labels that are not truncated/hiding the meaningful bit of product names or other info. The added table view feature allows users to sort the segments according to some criteria.

Data can be viewed as tree or table. The table view also allows for the user to export the segmentation model was a CSV file.

Embedded Business Insights

Manually update, combine, or remove segments to align the segmentation model with the organizational structure.

Combine science and business insights to build segmentation models that align with how the business works. Avoid repeating underperforming pricing behaviors reflected in historical data.

Automated Data Integration

Up to date data is available for VDPG after each data load (e.g. after changing the schema definitions). After every build or refresh, all data and all statistics are updated.

Take transaction data straight from transaction system or from Vendavo Pricemart.

Cloud Processing

Through Cloud Processing, you are not risking performance issues because you are running a large segmentation model.

Calculations are run in cloud rather than on hardware that runs your pricing system

Multi Model Configuration

Allows users to approve any discounts or quote specifics that require special review from a mobile device.Allows User to have a dedicated tenant for each model – A user always works within segmentation models in one selected unit at a time.

Support different segmentation and pricing logic in distinct models.