Centralized Configurations

Centralizes access to up-to-date product and pricing information, and handles complex databases to generate product configurations quickly.

Leads to a shorter sales quoting cycle and greater return on investment for every quote.

Product Rules

Creates custom rules to handle any special situation (e.g. shifting compliance standards). The changes are applied immediately and universally.

Easy to update and publish product and pricing changes for an entire organization.

Guided Selling

Simplifies the CPQ process, by steering users through a step-by-step guide for even the most complicated product and services offerings.

Empowers every member of an organization with expert knowledge and tools to create quotes with speed and accuracy.

Cross and Upsell

Offers suggestions for sales reps to add throughout the sales process, including common pairings, upsell, and cross-sell opportunities.

Sales reps don’t have to rely on their own knowledge of complex product listings to offer alternatives with greater margins for your business.

Role-Based Pricing

Reduces the need for manual pricing management by allowing your CPQ administrators to assign role-based pricing.

Trust new sales to quote proper pricing while allowing experienced reps to discount as needed.

Discounting Control

Places discount constraints to ensure you never over-discount. User permissions can be customized for different discounting control.

Improves margins while finding ways to better meet customer needs.

User Guardrails

Ensures that the pricing of special product configurations do not cut into your planned margin by letting you create user guardrails.

Ensures special product configurations are priced appropriately without cutting into planned margins.

Product Write-In

Offers product write-in customizability, so your sales representatives can add any and all details for each and every quote, as needed.

Allows flexibility when quoting complex configurations and one-off products.

Revision Tracking

Tracks, stores, and recalls revisions of each quote, and pushes back to your CRM for easy and clean record-keeping.

Never lose information or have to re-create quotes. Track historical actions and analyze your quoting process.

Dynamic Proposals

Generate proposals on-the-fly using rules based on quote attributes like product selections or pricing adjustments.

Gives every user access to approved language, brand documents, and up-to-date specs. Create comprehensive proposals with brand consistency in minutes.

User Permissions

Enables user permissions control, so you can establish pricing and discounting rules based on end user’s role, rank or status.

Establish pricing and discounting rules based on end user’s role, rank or status.

Approvals Workflow

Sends approval emails directly from the platform to speed up the workflow. Simplifies the process and encourages standardization.

Move complex quotes through your organization quickly while protecting against over-discounting.

Mobile Approvals

Allows users to approve any discounts or quote specifics that require special review from a mobile device.

Reduces drag on deal flow and simplifies the quoting process.

B2B Portal Access

Create portals for outside sales reps, partners and distributors.

Strengthens partnerships and increases data and reseller visibility.

Enhanced Visualizations

CPQ Quotes can be enhanced to include rich visualizations, generated dynamically in real-time based on product feature selections.

Use existing CAD files for highly-complex and configured products that can be viewed and manipulated in 2-D, 3-D, or augmented reality.

Price Agreements

Discounts and pricing can be negotiated for specific windows of time and applicable only to deals negotiated with specific customers.

Speeds up complex deals while ensuring proper margins for new sales reps.

Automated Data Sync

Automated periodic import of external data, such as customer information, product data, and pricing into Vendavo CPQ Cloud through an FTP server.

Saves admin resources and ensures accurate quotes with latest product and pricing information.

Export Proposals to Excel

When creating proposals from a quote, users can choose to export quote details in Excel format in addition to Word and PDF templates.

Optomize the sales cycle with the ability to save, track, and audit the quoting process without sorting through produced proposals.

User Dashboard

Sales users and approvers get improved dashboards, focused on quickly accessing the most important next steps for quotes in process and other recently worked items.

Reduces time spent with quoting tool while providing reps visibility into open quotes and approvals status.

Price Waterfall

When reviewing price agreements and quotes on the Basket page, users can get insights into the impact that discounts, price agreements, markup, and other factors have on the final net price and pocket margin of a line item or overall quote.

Empower sales to quote at optimum margins with real-time pricing insights.

Mobile-Ready and Responsive

CPQ works across desktop and mobile internet-connected devices.

Sales reps not tethered to their desk giving your business the edge to produce quotes quickly from anywhere.


Vendavo provides a JavaScript API to allow developers to build custom functionality within the application.

Improves usability and integration. Not limited by out-of-the-box implementations.

Multi-Organization Quotes and Orders

Allows sales teams to pull product and pricing data from multiple vendors in order to consolidate the quoting process.

Consolidates the quoting process by ensuring all product and pricing data is up-to-date in a central hub.

Linked Catalogs

Provides the ability for two companies with independent product catalogs to create a relationship between catalogs.

Enforces accurate configurations across multiple organizations with shared product data.


Seamlessly integrates with DocuSign allowing users to send and sign documents instantly instead of using email.

Complete deals faster and improve compliance and security by standardizing quoting process.

Order Processing

Allows users to convert quotes to orders, track order status, and provide downstream integration of order data to third party applications using the Vendavo CPQ SDK.

Fulfill orders faster and improve visibility throughout the sales pipeline.

Administrative Console

Vendavo CPQ Cloud’s administrative capabilities have an efficient user interface, support for more browsers, and faster underlying infrastructure.

Administrators have deep configurability through a streamlined and extensible platform.

Integration with SAP Variant Configuration

Configure, price, and generate quotes with valid configurations and pricing, while using product data found SAP Variant Configurator.

Companies that have invested resources in SAP Variant Configuration can now leverage the investment to be a part of the quoting process.