Product Hierarchy

• Define and navigate product hierarchy when selecting products for price agreements and apply agreement discounts at family/group level

Consolidated agreement object, especially in the case of large agreements with thousands of SKU’s represented

Complex agreement negotiation

Volume/Tiered discounting for line items, date splicing within agreements, and additional header level data fields

Enables complex pricing/discounting logic within a single Agreement, rather than needing to build out separate Agreements for various permutations or select line items individually

Customer groups

Create and select customer groups instead of individual customer when creating and applying price agreements

Consolidated agreement object vs. creating individual agreements for each customer to better reflect commercial environment for enterprise customers

Custom Tables

Store and use data beyond product/customer properties and Sync + load records from an external source. Query against custom table data

Enterprises can use custom tables for shipping locations identification, freight calculations, state and local tax reference, product/plant compatibility

SAP Sales Cloud Integration

New native CRM integrations with SAP Sales Cloud (f/k/Hybris, C4C)

Expanded OTB CRM options for customers/prospects with SAP CRM

Platform agnostic approach makes it easier to keep existing CRM, migrate between CRM’s, or even support multiple CRM’s, depending on IT program priorities

“GetPrices” API end point

Dedicated endpoint to fetch the most applicable pricing for given customer/product dimension

For companies with complex pricing structures and systems, this functionality allows a single API call to pull in the most relevant pricing.


Localized site content + product data support

Translated product data can be uploaded for use at runtime; language and formatting shown based on a user’s culture settings

Administrative Enhancements

Date effectivity for rules Price list grid view

Author new rules and prep for the future without impacting current production or needed to remember to activate draft rules

Approval emails

Redesigned format additional deal context and details

Approvers can get more of the information they need and take direction directly from email content, without needing to log into CPQ

Product Selection UI

Hierarchy navigation for product selection on quotes

Alternate navigation path to select products for price agreement– driven by product hierarchy