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Why Pricing Power?

In a B2B world affected by volatile and ever-changing market conditions, pricing power has become a key performance indicator strongly linked to profit performance. A thorough understanding of the drivers impacting pricing power and the ways to measure them is the foundation for long-lasting commercial excellence.

Pricing Power: The Best Practice for Profit Growth

In today’s business environment, B2B enterprises are subject to vast changes in dynamics. Raw material costs fluctuate. New competitors enter the market. And foreign exchange rates shift constantly. With all of this going on, it’s crucial for B2B enterprises to stay in control. 

Pricing power is the best way to maintain revenue growth despite market fluctuations. An organization with strong pricing power is able to raise pricing levels while maintaining business levels—all without losing demand. In this e-book you will understand what pricing power is, how it can help your business, and how to harness it.

Download the e-book to see the best practices for becoming a pricing power master. 

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The Most Crucial KPI: Pricing Power

As the gatekeepers of profit, CFOs have to handle new challenges that come from the modern digital enterprise. This article on shows how tracking Pricing Power helps CFOs stay in control during volatile conditions.

Twitter Q&A with Stephan Liozu

Looking for more information on pricing power? Our Twitter Q&A session with pricing power expert Stephan Liozu covered everything from what pricing power is to who is using it best. Check out the highlights here.