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Winning the Game: The Role of Agility and Execution

Jared Smith< Jared Smith February 5, 2020

Super Bowl LIV was superb. A late fourth-quarter comeback by the Chiefs’ Quarterback Patrick Mahomes after three quarters of being uncharacteristically inconsistent gave the Chiefs the win and a reunion with the Lombardi trophy after a 50-year drought. What made this Super Bowl remarkable was the sudden shift in strategy by the Kansas City Chiefs late in the game.

With approximately seven minutes left and behind 20-10, the Chiefs has a 3.9% chance of winning, according to ESPN. Then, a strategic shift that included quicker execution on offense against a defense that was wearing out late in the game rattles up 21 unanswered points. In the end, the Chiefs took home the championship hardware and on the other side and a no less deserving 49ers team goes home to begin preparations for next year.

American football is a complex machine that requires a lot of strategy, coordination, and execution. Strategies are often conceived in between Sundays by the head coach and staff, plays are designed and practiced as tactics to achieve these strategies, and the players are ultimately called on to execute. But as the game is played, even the best prepared strategies by a football team often require quick modifications due to the changing nature of the game by the competition.

Like in football, B2B Pricing Requires Strategy and Nimble Execution

Pricing in B2B works much the same way. Leaders and pricing teams, much like the head coach and staff, work to develop the strategies that will help their organizations succeed in the marketplace. Pricing tactics, just like the plays in football, are designed to help win the game against the competition. And in the end the salespeople, like the players on the field, execute the strategies. However, the dynamic nature of the marketplace and competition often require adjustments and, just like the Chiefs, they need to be executed quickly and properly.

Savvy organizations, just like good football teams, know the value of tools that will help give them the winning edge. A differentiating factor often can be how agile a business is in the face of these changing market conditions. If a change in pricing strategy and execution needs to take place due to competition, costs, or demand, does your organization have the ability adjust quickly? Most companies do not.

At Vendavo, we work with companies that want to invest in the tools that give them the competitive advantage to succeed in the marketplace. Our tools help organizations react quickly in an increasingly dynamic marketplace and to realize those changes downstream by empowering a salesforce that is ready to execute. Our software and experience can elevate your organizations to the elite level with commercial excellence, so that like a Super Bowl Champion, you can raise that trophy overhead and send the competition home.

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