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What’s New in Vendavo Enterprise Profitability Solutions?

Jin Yeoh< Jin Yeoh July 28, 2019

I am excited to announce the release of Vendavo Enterprise Profitability Solutions 9 (or in short, Vendavo EPS9.) I have worked in Vendavo services for almost 10 years implementing this solution. Now that I’m behind the counter as a product manager and have seen how the sausage is made, packaged and sold, I am humbled and at awe at the amount of blood, sweat and tears that go into each release. There’s nothing like sourcing for all the ingredients needed to create a feast, then organizing and getting all the courses prepped, cooked, plated and now it’s ready to be served. I hope you like it!

So what’s new?

  • We’re on modern browsers! – We’ve gone through and re-written all our UI widgets to be HTML-5 and modern browser compatible, which means all the Vendavo EPS9 modules will now be accessible in both Chrome and Safari. (Yes: No more Internet Explorer browser settings required, or in-compatibility view issues.)
  • Navy blue is the new black – You’ll also notice an updated logo and slightly new look and feel to the UI. We’ve re-branded and you’ll see that in Vendavo EPS9 and onwards. Expect more to come in later versions.
  • Engine tune up – Under the hood, we’ve made significant changes with the code: (1) packaging JDK into the code so you no longer have to worry about which version of Java to install on the server, (2) streamlining install commands, (3) performance improvements and security improvements for faster, more secure experience in Vendavo EPS9.
  • Oil Change – We’ve also made some adjustments to what we use for EPS9: (1) removing dependency on 3rd party application servers by embedded it into our code, (2) switching from Oracle JDK to Open JDK – which equates to cost savings for our customers.
  • You, me, SFDC, SAP, VCPQ, and VDPG – We’re now SFDC lightning compliant. And, with Vendavo EPS9, you have the option to access either Deal Guide or Deal Manager through SFDC. We’ve also renewed our SAP certifications for Packaged Solutions and Pricing Guidance. Not to mention the additional connectivity with both Vendavo CPQ and Vendavo DPG. It’s a party and we’re adding more to the guest list.
  • Features, features, features: We’ve also added new features across the different modules to improve usability and to increase your ability to do better analysis across more robust data sets.

What does this mean for you?

  • Netflix vs. Hulu, Blues vs. Bruins, Chopsticks vs. Forks: Just like you have a choice in most of what you do in life, we’re now expanding that to the browsers you use and the modules and external applications you’d like to connect to.
  • Less headaches, less costs: With the move to OpenJDK, we’re avoiding future expenditures on Oracle licensing fees. Additionally, you’ll save on cost and headaches of having to deal with TCO of 3rd party application servers.
  • Increased security, Better performance: We’ve made significant changes to our code libraries and will continue to do so for EPS10+.

I also want to take this opportunity to express my insurmountable gratitude to all the parties that have contributed to this launch:

  • The entire Vendavo EPS engineering and UX tribe who have put in thousands of hours re-writing, testing, merging code, reviewing, then rinse and repeat.
  • The Vendavo marketing, documentation and education team, who’ve contributed to hundreds of pages and slides of collateral for this release.
  • Vendavo services and sales teams who have provided feedback, ideas, and support in this process.
  • The entire launch team: whom none of this would be possible without.
  • Our executives, who apply the pressure and remove obstacles to make this happen.
  • More importantly, You, our customers and prospects, who’ve spent countless resources investing in us as we help you excel in your journey to commercial excellence.

We already have a list of customers chomping on the bit to pick this up and run with it. And I’m excited to go along with this adventurous ride!

To learn more about VEPS, join our webinar on August 14 Enhancements in Profitability.