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New Salesforce Revenue Cloud Elevates Revenue Management, But Don’t Forget Price

Bruno Slosse< Bruno Slosse November 17, 2020

Last week, Salesforce launched Revenue Cloud, a solution that combines their CPQ and billing capabilities, partner relationship management tools and B2B commerce products into a single offering. We couldn’t agree more this approach is much needed to bring together processes that were both manual and disconnected for Salesforce users until now. Bringing them into a single workflow will help companies boost efficiencies and grow revenue. This, of course, is something every company could use, particularly right now as they navigate their way out of a volatile economic landscape.

For many though, Salesforce requires heavy customization in order to adequately improve their commercial processes for revenue management. The one-size-fits-all platform can be used by many but in its widespread appeal, it lacks industry specific solutions that bring significant value. Specifically, within the area of price optimization which we know to be the single greatest lever in the search for profitability.

Vendavo has more than 20 years of experience supporting companies elevate their commercial processes, in particular discrete manufacturers, process manufacturers and distributors. Our expert solutions allow for a deep dive into the mechanics of right price, right time in a verticalized approach.

For example, process manufacturers gain significant value from our formula-based pricing and multi-tier price agreements. Discrete manufacturers benefit from strategic deal guidance for your salespeople along with insight into changes brought on by market fluctuation through an analysis of price, mix and volume. Distributors can dynamically change their prices in response to evolving market conditions and competitive analyses.       

This is but a sampling of how having strategic insight into your pricing and methods for optimization can drive real results to your bottom line. Our customers demonstrate daily how it works for them. This success comes from our long history in pricing, but also from our expertise in manufacturing and distribution.   

A great tool made even better

Salesforce is a great tool for many of our customers and the integration into Revenue Cloud further validates what so many organizations are realizing today – smarter commercial processes drive better business. For you and for your customers.

Vendavo has long partnered with Salesforce and today, we offer our pricing expertise as plug-ins on the Salesforce AppExchange. If you’re going to use Salesforce Revenue Cloud, be sure to check them out, including:

  • Vendavo Deal Price Optimizer for Salesforce CPQ
  • Vendavo Deal Price Optimizer for Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Vendavo Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)
  • Vendavo Deal Manager

This way, you can continue to rely on the Salesforce platform you’ve always used, as well as intelligent pricing information that will bring more profitability to each and every sale.