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More Orgs Agree: Tech that Supports Sales Cycle is Key to Recovery

C. Edward Brice< C. Edward Brice July 30, 2020

Organizations of all sizes, on every continent, and in all industries have felt the impact of COVID-19 and unfortunately, we are a ways out yet from a turnaround. While most companies immediately shifted to a cash conservation strategy when the pandemic started, this is no longer appropriate for long-term recovery. It’s time to get proactive. Forward-thinking companies are now looking to new ways to recover revenue and boost profitability, for both today and tomorrow.

Our colleagues at Novus CPQ recently wrote about increased interest in software that supports sellers across the sales cycle on G2, a well-known and respected software peer review site.

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The post shows digital transformation generally, and software tools for pricing, quote to cash and CPQ specifically, are garnering more attention this year. And this is good news. At Vendavo, we know the best way to an improved bottom line is through more strategic pricing. And, getting quotes delivered accurately, quickly and efficiently means you’ll win more deals.

Take a look at the data on the Novus CPQ blog and if you’re considering pricing or CPQ software to smooth out the rough spots caused by turbulent economic times around the globe, download our buyer’s kits. They’ll help you in your process, including executive presentations for landing buy-in, sample RFPs and more.

For more on how G2 ranks Vendavo, read our post, G2 Gives Vendavo High Marks Thanks to User Reviews.