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Intelligent CPQ : The Best Buying Experience You’ve Ever Had

Sean Myers< Sean Myers September 7, 2018

Too often, B2B buying and selling is not great experience. It isn’t intuitive, connected or fluid.

For decades, the Vendavo team came to work listening and learning about the products people were trying to configure and sell. It was a challenging and satisfying row all wrapped into one. With every “win” on an implementation or feature update though, our celebration was short lived. We knew we needed to get back to work meeting the incremental needs of each customer.

Today, that has all changed with the launch of Intelligent CPQ. No longer are we taking two steps forward and one step back with feature updates – we are empowering our customers to deliver the very best buying experience buyers have ever had. On March 15, 2018, after 15+ years of hard work, we announced our brave new path. Intelligent CPQ enables the enterprise to maximize profit and win more deals with every quote. Customers can leverage advanced analytics to develop dynamic pricing intelligence for every customer while automating the quote-to-cash process.

We fought hard to tackle the problem of what we considered a looming commercial execution crisis for B2B. We expanded our teams; we doubled down on product development, we scaled up support services and we got busy talking to our customers. And the results are phenomenal.

Do More With Intelligent CPQ

With Intelligent CPQ, you can reduce quote iterations, increase sales productivity and improve customer experience. Specifically:

  1. Right Product. Right Customer. Replace manual and spread sheet based product configuration lookups that increase quotation errors and omissions with algorithmically guided selling that intelligently identifies opportunities for new solution offerings, promotions, and unique opportunities for cross-sell upsell.
  2. Right Price. Right Customer. Replace manual pricing look ups with algorithmically driven account-specific pricing derived from advanced data analytics that optimizes pricing together with the customer’s willingness to pay and enterprise profitability objectives. Sales will always know the optimal pricing floors and targets with every deal.
  3. Right Quote. Right Time. Delivering a faster quote is no longer enough to win in the Digital Economy. Actionable deal intelligence that identifies potential risk for customer churn is delivered to the sales rep during deal negotiations. Quotes across complex portfolios are now generated with fewer errors and in less time, resulting in increased sales productivity, deal win rates, and improved customer experience.

If you’re ready to see ICPQ in action, check out our demo.